Commerce Department

The Commerce Department for 2017 consists of the following teachers: 

  • Mrs Vivianne McDermott - (HOD Commerce)
  • Mr Alastair Fairley – (Head of Business Studies)
  • Mr Brian Davy - (Head of Economics)

Subject Information 2017

Year Level Accounting Economics Business Business Technology
9       x
10 x x x  
11 x x    
12 x x x  
13 x x x  

Business Technology consists of a basic introduction to accounting, economics and business concepts with a heavy influence on technology and has strong links to the technology curriculum. 

Accounting consists of the principles and practices involved in personal accounting and business accounting. Students also operate a small business venture and are exposed to key marketing concepts. Economics consists of the study of consumers and producers and the decisions they face in relation to the scarcity of resources. Students also participate in enterprise studies and operate a small business venture. 

Accounting - NCEA Level One - 24 credits: this involves the accounting principles and practices for sole proprietors, individuals and incorporated societies. Economics - NCEA Level One - 24 credits: this involves economic concepts relating to consumers, producers and the market. 

Accounting - NCEA Level Two - 24 credits: this involves the accounting principles and practices for a sole proprietor registered for GST using perpetual inventory and includes the use of computerised accounting software (MYOB). Economics - NCEA Level Two - 24 credits: this involves economic concepts relating to trade, employment, growth, inequality and inflation. 

Business – NCEA Level Two -  24 credits: this involves exploring how and why large businesses in New Zealand make operational decisions in response to internal and external factors.   Students may also be offered the opportunity to plan, take to market, review and then refine a business activity incorporating a community well being focus, basing recommendations for the future on market feedback. This is an Achievement Standards course.

Accounting - NCEA Level Three - 24 credits: this involves the accounting principles and practices for partnerships and companies (service/trading/manufacturing firms) registered for GST using perpetual inventory and includes the analysis and interpretation of an Annual Report of a company registered on the New Zealand Stock Exchange. Economics - NCEA Level Three - 24 credits: this involves micro and macro economics and an in-depth industry study. Business – NCEA Level Three – 24 credits, this involves analysing how and why businesses in New Zealand that operate in national and global markets make operational and strategic decisions in response to interacting internal and external factors. Accounting, Business and Economics are all University Approved Subjects.

For information about courses offered in the Commerce Department, please click here to view all Course Booklets.

Commerce Department 2013
The Commerce Department has had a very busy year with the introduction of the new NCEA Level Three Achievement Standards and the starting up of a new Business and Computing Academy (Level 2).  We have been especially fortunate to have retained our very experienced Accounting, Economics and Business Studies teachers as their impact on student learning and success has been truly evident.  The Commerce staff can be commended for their full involvement in driving curriculum and taking leadership roles in events outside the classroom.  The department has also participated in a few extra-curricular events.
A summary of highlights for 2013 are outlined below:

This annual, Auckland-wide event involved a team of Accounting and Business Studies students representing Massey High School while competing against a range of other Auckland schools.  The students represented us well, they were placed as follows:
Accounting: 4th place - Eli Meenhorst 13TBK, Lewis Stevens 13KCK, Maddy Green 12PSR, Sara Langworthy 13TBK & Ryan Heath 13TBK
Business Studies: 5th place - Joshua Bamford 13MCY, Mikyla Lim-Yip 13TBK, Sophie Burgess 13MDO, Liam Halliday 12KPW & Erica Wood
These students can be commended for their ability to remain calm whilst under intense pressure.

Congratulations go to Shirin Zakeri 13PKX for submitting a successful scholarship application to PwC Chartered Accountants to assist her in her tertiary studies.  She will be understaking a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting).  This scholarship will see PwC meet her tuition fees for the duration of her studies.  Shirin will also participate in their successful mentoring programme and will have the opportunity of a Summer internship in her final year of study.  These scholarships are highly sought after and are open to applicants from all schools.  We are very fortunate to have a successful applicant for the third straight year.  We congratulate Shirin on this fine accomplishment.

During the three day period of Wednesday September 25 to Friday 27 September, Enterprise New Zealand Trust operated the Year 10 BP Business Challenge in our school hall. The presenters were Wayne Prince and Sharon Buer. Students were placed into random groups and were asked to come up with a business product idea that would solve a problem. They were then required to develop a business plan for the successful operation of a business that produces, markets, sells this product including financial forecasts. On the last day students presented their ideas to judges from the local community (Penny Hulse, Deputy Mayor; John Garelja, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Linda Cooper, President Waitakere Licensing Trust and Robert Cooper, NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants).  Click here to view the results.
We wish all the Commerce students and staff a restful holiday break and look forward to another exciting year in 2014 and the introduction of a new Business and Computing Academy at Level 3.

Events Prior to 2011 
It is worthy of mentioning and highlighting an amazing achievement from our 2009 Dux.. 

Top in New Zealand Scholarship Accounting 2009 – Joanna Kennerley (ex13MGS)
Joanna Kennerley who has been announced as the top student in New Zealand in the Scholarship Accounting 2009 Examination! This is a fantastic achievement for an outstanding scholar. Her dedication, determination and ability to work independently saw her critical thinking skills develop well over the year to enable her to reach this top level in Accounting. She is now studying a conjoint degree in Commerce and Law and we wish her every success in her endeavours.