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For many parents, an important decision has to be made in the selection of a school for their children. By any criterion, ours is a unique school with over 1,600 boys and girls coming from a wide range of backgrounds and with the provision of programmes for a wide range of students, from the most able students to those with specific learning difficulties. We welcome students with special and pronounced talents and also those of average ability, whose contribution is no less valuable and whose development is no less important.

Situated on the northern boundary of West Auckland, we have a rich blend of rural and urban students with a diversity of cultures. We are a truly comprehensive, multicultural co-educational school.

Each student is regarded as an individual and our primary objective is to develop his or her particular strengths and interests, while also engendering the intellectual and personal versatility required for life after school. Before they leave, students will have taken part in a wide range of activities and will have encountered our high expectations of their co-operation, enthusiasm, conduct, tolerance and consideration for others.

Our scholastic record is excellent and we are equally proud of our outstanding sports record, musicians, artists, actors and also our Maori, Pacific Island and Asian cultural groups. The majority of our students move on to tertiary education, mainly at Universities or Polytechnic Institutes.

This is the essence of Massey High School. We encourage and support our students to experience a range of activities. It is a wonderful thing to develop the strengths of all students and then foster a real will to use those strengths in the pursuit of excellence for the benefit of the school, themselves and their community.

Glen Denham
Massey High School Principal 

Massey High School is a co-educational secondary school, founded in 1969 with a roll of 166 third formers. The school was initially based at Henderson High School until the buildings on our current site at Don Buck Road were completed in 1970. Since then, we have experienced fluctuating roll growth to a high of 2500 students with the current roll affected by re-zoning of around 1600 students, we have full range of classes from Year 9 to Year 13.

Massey High School has built a proud record of academic achievement with outstanding pass rates in external examinations. Many of our top students gain National Scholarships. We provide quality education and numerous other opportunities including sports, music, the arts, performing arts and cultural activities.

Community Values Statement - The Board recognises the importance of the community within which it operates and adopted the following community values statement:

Massey High School embodies the values of whanaungatanga, manaakitanga and rangatiratanga. Massey High School acknowledges and supports the multi-cultural and diverse nature of its community. It strives to meet the needs of parents, students, tertiary educators and employers in providing an environment where students will not only aspire to achieve academically but who will leave secondary school as well rounded global citizen attributes who will contribute positively to our community.

Whanaungatanga, Manaakitanga, Rangatiratanga

Vision Statement - Massey High School grows aspirational leaders who influence their communities to live happy and successful lives.

“Better than Before”

Houses - Students are placed into one of the four “Houses” on the Massey High School Campus, and there are two Deans working with them in each house.  Click here for our Deans contact information.

Ethnic Composition of School
European - 32%
Pacific Island - 27%
Maori - 24%
Asian - 13%
 Other - 4%

Leadership - Many opportunities are offered to students to develop leadership skills. Years 9 and 10 students elect a representative from their form class to the Junior Forum. Years 11 to 13 elect their representatives to the Student Council who play a significant role in the organisation of many important school events.

School Prefects are elected towards the end of Year 12. These students have shown leadership potential during their time at the school and have contributed to the wider school community.

 Each house within the whole school campus has its own Senate - comprising of class representatives and providing additional leadership opportunities.

Co-curricular Activities - Massey High School has a holistic approach to education and provides opportunities for every student to develop interests and abilities to complement their academic achievement by way of:

  • Performing Arts
  • Language Enrichment
  • Cultural Groups
  • Sport
  • Debating
  • Chess Teams