Meet Our Counsellors

Our aim is to support the wellbeing and safety of all students at Massey High School to 

enable our young people to achieve their full potential. We are professionally trained counsellors, registered members of New Zealand Association of Counsellors and we work according to the ‘NZAC Code of Ethics’. We maintain confidentiality unless there is a serious and imminent risk to safety.

Meet our team below.

Sita Bakker

Head of the Student Support Services

Hi, my name is Sita Bakker, and I am the Head of the Student Support Services at Massey High School. 

I am also a counsellor and I am member of NZAC and Teacher Council. I live with my 18-year-old son. 

I was born in India and lived in The Netherlands for 10 Years prior to immigrating to New Zealand. 

I am a professional Narrative Therapist, practising with empathy and understanding. I take a positive approach in a caring and non-judgmental space. 

My passion is to work with young people who surprise me in so many ways, so I appreciate and enjoy their uniqueness, along with their special abilities and talents. Through Narrative Therapy, I gently explore their lives by listening to their stories, empathizing and build courage to overcome their problems and barriers. I am guided and informed by NZAC’s Code of Ethics and treat all clients with respect and dignity, carefully considering each situation ethically and morally. 

My experience includes but not limited to working with families, Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Self-harm.  

Jess Channon

Guidance Counsellor

Hi, my name is Jessica Channon and I am a Guidance Counsellor here at Massey High School.

I grew up in South Africa and moved to New Zealand in 2014. I am married with one young son. I have a degree in Counselling and teaching and I am a full member of the NZAC and Teachers Council.  I have been a counsellor, specializing in youth for 14 years. My role and passion is to provide counselling to students and their whanau.

I offer a confidential space where students can talk about struggles, hopes, values, questions, hurt, fears, dreams, and the many other topics a student may want to discuss. I support students in a holistic manner to best promote whanaungatanga, and work on building resilience as well as connecting students and their whanau with community networks.

Fleur Knowles

Guidance Counsellor

Hi, I am Fleur Knowles and am part of the Guidance Counsellor team at Massy high School.

I was born in New Zealand, grew up in Auckland and am married with 3 children. I have a teaching qualification and this year I am currently finishing my Masters in Counselling at Auckland University.

My role at Massey is to work with and support students and their whanau who are experiencing personal difficulties and help them to overcome their problems by listening, empathizing, and empowering them as individuals. I offer a safe and inclusive space where students can feel comfortable to share their concerns and challenges, they may be facing. 

Student Counsellor Referral Form 

The best way to request an appointment is to use the Counselling Referral form (see below) and fill out the online form.  

This form can be completed by Students or Parents/Caregivers on behalf of a student they have concerns for.

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