Introducing the Deans of Massey High School

The Massey High School Campus comprises four distinct houses, each containing approximately 450 students, ranging from Year 9 to Year 13. The names of the houses are linked to the school crest. 

Students are encouraged to relate to “their house” in various sporting, academic and cultural activities supported by assemblies and student and tutor teacher generated events.  Each school is led by two Deans - a teaching dean and a non-teaching dean. 

The Deans have offices in the BRPAC (Performing Arts Centre), and have a number of responsibilities; primarily as pastoral care; however they also have other responsibilities such as; academic counselling, litter and property maintenance.



Mrs Ashford 

Mr Kalolo

Excellence, striving to be the best that you can be. Represented by the laurel leaf crown it symbolizes constant growth and striving to reach the heights. Links to equity, respect and excellence.

House Colour: Green



Miss Fusitu'a

Mr Farrington

NZ Falcon, symbolizing the use of intelligence and skill to succeed and seeking the heights. It also draws parallels with the eagle which is the central link between Massey High School and Whenuapai Airbase. Links to respect and excellence.

House Colour: Blue



Mrs Death

Mr Pisi

Knowledge, the parchment in the crest. The opportunities for learning and the pathway to wisdom. Links to integrity and excellence.

House Colour: Yellow



Mrs Kanuta

Mr Toko

The lighting of the torch, the vibrant spark and sustaining mechanism for a lifetime of learning. Links to community and excellence.

House Colour: Red

Academiesand Te Whare Āhuru 


Mr Jones