Ākina Leaders

Ākina means to encourage, to urge on.

Ākina Leaders encourage and urge on our students to Seek the Heights in everything they do. 

Academically, culturally, athletically, and socially.

Year 13

Mrs van der Kraaij and Ms Field

Kia ora we are Callandra Field and Sadie van der Kraaij, the Year 12 Ākina Leaders

It is our mission to ensure that every student in Year 12 is successful. We track, support and guide our students on their NCEA journey, and we have proven last year, that we have a plan for almost every eventuality. 

Year 12 is a very important year, so if you require any support navigating the NCEA Level 2 qualifications please come and see us. Our new office is upstairs by the Deans, we also visit tutor classes during Hui Arotahi. If you need us, please feel free to message us on Teams or send us an e-mail.

The past few years have been extremely challenging for the Class of 2023, but you have shown your resilience and we were so proud of your outstanding Level 1 results last year. 

Year 12

Mrs Cork and Mr Onslow-Osborne

Year 11

Ms Eed and Mrs Quintana

Year 10

Ms Slijp

Year 9

Mr Wheeler