Auckland West Vocational Academy (AWVA)

Massey High is the lead provider in AWVA, Auckland West Vocational Academy. The academies are a partnership between five West Auckland schools and tertiary institutions such as Unitec. All the academies offer students the opportunity to get involved in skills based learning and a Vocational Pathway at Massey High School, with aligned onsite tutoring at various NZQA approved providers such as Unitec, Auckland Hotel & Chef Training School, & NZ Fashion Tech etc.

All the academies are different in their detail but they all involve studying for NCEA, working towards a New Zealand Certificate and the opportunity to have their NCEA endorsed with a Vocational Pathways Award at Level 2. All the credits gained in the academies count towards the NCEA as well. 

In 2020 in Year 11, there are seven options for students:  Building L1, Engineering L1, Early Childhood L2, Fashion L2 or After Hours Fashion, Hospitality L1 and Multi Skills L2. Academy students are also entitled to four free driving lessons here at MHS, with our trained instructor. All the academies are fees free apart from some uniform costs.

What is a Vocational Pathway?
At its most basic, a Vocational Pathway can be thought of as a map which a student can use to help make career decisions. This map will guide option choices to ensure that the combination of option subjects will provide a strong coherent foundation for further learning or employment. There are usually many different routes to the same destination, so students are still able to change individual subject selections without affecting their future career goal. If necessary or advantageous, a student can move onto a different pathway.

There are currently six vocational pathways - nearly all occupations fit into one (occasionally two) of these “sectors”:
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Service Industries
  • Creative Industries
  • Primary Industries
  • Manufacturing and Technology
  • Social and Community Services
The standards on a vocational pathway have been selected by industry (via the sector ITO’s), government agencies, business and community representatives and vocational education providers. Students who are interested in a career in (say) building, gain significant benefit from choosing options that contain “sector related” (or even “recommended”) standards on the construction and infrastructure pathway, in preference to an option that is not. There are many different standards available in each of the pathways assuring considerable flexibility.

To achieve a vocational pathway award at (say Level 2) a student must achieve a minimum total of 60 “sector related” (at least 20 of these) and “recommended” credits, at Level 2 or higher. Literacy and numeracy remain compulsory.

*STP - Secondary/Tertiary Partner

Name of AcademyLevel(s)STPDetails

Both 2 hours a day at MHS. L2 is school based. L3 goes 1 day a week to Unitec Tues till August & work experience.

Building Pre-Academy

1MHS1 Period a day at MHS. Two classes in 2020.

Carpentry/Building Construction Full Time

2&3Onsite MHSIncludes: Site Safe, Nail Gun Certificate, First Aid etc. 5 days a week all year. BCATS, (Building, Carpentry & Allied Trades).

Early Childhood ECE L2

Henderson Sem 2
L2 1 hour per day. In 2020 open to Yr. 11. Work placements T1 – T3. Attend Unitec for 1 semester, 1 day a week. Working towards NZ Certificate in ECE Learning and Care Level 2 & NCEA L2 credits.

Early Childhood ECE L3



Henderson Sem 1 

L3 2 Hours a day. In 2020 Yr. 12 can join L3. Work placements T1 – T3. Attend Unitec 1 semester, 1 day a week, Fridays 1st semester. Working towards National Certificate ECE Level 3 2020.

Engineering Yr 11



New Zealand Certificate Level 1. 1 hour a day. Two classes in 2020.

Fashion Pre-Academy



1 Hour a day. Open to Yr 11 students. 

Fashion Years 1 & 2

2 & 3


2 hours a day at MHS, combined class. 6 Days at Whitecliffs  in L3. Work placements when possible. Yr 11 can apply.

Fashion After Hours


Onsite at MHS

Runs 1 day a week, 2pm to 6pm Terms 1, 2, 3. Open to Yrs 11, 12 & 13. Students select normal 5 subjects. On hold 2020.

Hospitality Pre-Academy


Onsite at MHS

1 hour a day.

Hospitality Level 2

On site MHS

1 or 2 hours a day options at L2. 1 hour option can be selected with Tourism Academy at L2.

Hospitality Level 3 

NZMA Symonds Street

One day a week at NZMA at L3 in Term 3 in 2020. Catering on & off-site. Café work.

Hospitality After Hours

Mainly L3

On site MHS

Runs 1 day a week, 2pm to 6pm Terms 1, 2, 3. Open to Yrs 12 & 13. Students select normal 5 subjects. 

Hospitality Full time


NZMA Symonds Street

5 days a week all year. On site catering, Café work. Hours at MHS may vary. One day a week at NZMA. Some work placement.

Tourism L2, L3

2 & 3

ITC, & NZ School Tourism

Trips arranged as needed. Both L2 & 3 are 1 hour a day. Work placements when possible.

Mahi a Toi Rutherford College (RC)

2 & 3

Rutherford College RC

Weds L2 & L3 1.30 - 6.00 pm @ RC. L3 at Unitec Fridays 8.30 to 3.00pm. Till end T3. L2 @ Unitec TBC.

Mechatronics (RC)


Rutherford College RC

Limited availability. 1 afternoon RC per week.

Radio Academy (Media)

2, 3 & 4

Whitireia (NZ Radio School)

One day a week at Whitireia, Fridays T2-T3. 2 hours per day at MHS.

Multi Skills



All day Thursday. Students select 5 option and come out of class one day a week for 1 semester only in 2020. Starts Term 3.

** Transport to provider is by public bus/train. MHS will pay for the travel.

Carpentry Handbook - click for further details.

Fashion Academy Handbook - click for further details.

For more information please contact us on (09) 831 0500.

Nick Hackett ext 568, email: [email protected]

Jenni Douglas ext 638