Irene Mu, China Class of 2017

My name is Irene Mu, and I’m from Shanghai. I’m currently in my second year of Master of Architecture (Professional) at the University of Auckland and looking forward to completing my thesis at the end of this year. 

I proudly joined Massey High School as an international student back in 2016, through a well-planned international program between Massey High School and Guangming High School (my high school in Shanghai). My family and I will never regret making this life-changing decision. 

My desire was to become an architect. Through the guidance of our ‘career planning’ teachers and abundant resources, I was advised to choose Design and Visual Communication, English, Physics, Calculus and Business. 

With the professional help of my teachers and the support of the school's hardware and software, I was fortunate enough to achieve NCEA Level 3, Endorsed with Excellence. The credits and portfolio I had accumulated and my high results, enabled me to secure an offer from the university of my choice.

Massey High School is a school full of sunshine, vitality, and energy. The gentle and attentive teachers and the intelligent students make up this beautiful school. There are plenty of resources and subjects to choose from, providing us with the first step to achieving our dream, seeking the heights. 

Nanami Tsue, JapanClass of 2020

My name is Nanami Tsue. I attended Massey High School for a year as an exchange student from Japan. It seems like only yesterday when I stepped into the school for the first time. I clearly remember that I was so nervous, and my heart was beating very fast. 

I have experienced too many things to write down all of them here. There were many times when I had to push myself outside of my comfort zone to overcome obstacles. However, every time I faced difficulties, my teachers and friends at Massey High School helped me a lot. All the people I have met at the school have been such a big help for me. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me or even just smiled back at me. One of the biggest reasons why my exchange year was so enjoyable and unforgettable was because I could meet lots of wonderful people here at Massey High School. I enjoyed spending time with everyone. 

I never thought that I would be able to adjust to the new environment and feel a sense of belonging when I just came here. However, I now feel sad to say goodbye to my lovely people at the school. Everything I have experienced at Massey High School has become a precious memory. I will be trying to apply what I have learned to the rest of my life.

Again, thank you for everything and I wish everyone all the best for the future.

Rusiate Finau, Fiji Class of 2020 

I had an opportunity to better my life and took it. I am interested in rugby and that is the main reason that I came to MHS. This would help me further my career in rugby. I played for the 1st XV and in the North Harbour rugby competition. There were a lot of training, games, and exposure to the rugby culture in New Zealand. I played No. 8 and was part of the leadership group of the MHS 1st XV. A diverse school which took me a couple to months to adjust to the different way of life in the school and New Zealand. Being a multi-cultural school (students and staff) helped settle in. 

I chose the following subjects - Business Studies, Accounting, Sports Academy, Maths and Tourism. I chose the first four because they were my interests and I thought they would help me further my studies in Business. This would be a back-up plan for my rugby pathway. 

The things I enjoyed were the welcoming spirit and the overall atmosphere of the students and teachers. Being exposed to different cultures helped me feel at home, because I was born in Fiji, and there were similarities in all the different cultures we have at Massey High School. I managed to get along well with students from different cultures and became good friends with them, including students that I never really thought I would be friends with. I got along well with my teachers, and they helped me when I needed more explanation in specific subject areas.

I was involved in Puawai Bati (which was a Māori and Pasifika leadership programme). This was a programme that embraced Māori and Pasifika cultures and anyone that was interested could be involved, if they had the right intentions and helped out where they could with these intentions.  

My end goal was to get a secured contract playing rugby overseas. I have achieved this (3-year contract) and will be going to Japan to play rugby and further my studies at tertiary level. I also want to learn how to speak Japanese and learn about the Japanese culture during my time there. This is a good opportunity for me as this year there was a bit of uncertainty as to what was going to happen to me. Eventually, I would like to complete a degree in Business Studies in Japan. This will enable me to have more security for my future if any unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances occur. 

Many people helped during my time at MHS. Nicki and her whānau for being a loving and caring whānau.  Brendan Curran for his guidance and helping with my decision making. Mrs Cranston for her support with academic counselling and constant reminders to keep focussed. All my teachers for being helpful during my time at MHS. With hard work and the support of all my teachers, I achieved NCEA Level 3 and University Entrance.