Massey High School runs a five day timetable (Monday to Friday) over a two week cycle of 10 days. The two weeks are divided into Week A and Week B. There are five periods per day, all one hour in length. Directly following Period Two, there is a compulsory 20 minute Tutor (Form) Period (with the exception of Wednesdays).

Senior students have identical timetables for both weeks.

Junior students alter slightly each week to incorporate an equal balance of Health and Physical Education.

Regular School Day Timetable

Time Action
8:40am Period One
9:45am Period Two
10:50am Tutor Class (Form Period)
11:10am Interval
11:30am Period Three
12:35pm Period Four
1:35pm Lunch Break
2:15pm Period Five
3:10pm School Finishes


Wednesday Timetable: 

Students should be in class for the start of Period 1 at 9.05am every Wednesday.  Staff will be attending EPiC Sessions, which are Professional Development sessions focused on Effective Practice in the Classroom.

Time Action
9:05am Period One
10:05am Period Two
11:05am Interval
11:30am Period Three
12:30pm Period Four
1:30pm Lunch Break
2:10pm Period Five
3:10pm School Finishes