Parent Information


New Zealand law requires children from the age of 6 to be present at school except in special circumstances such as illness etc. Parents must notify the school if their child is absent from school.  Please contact our Attendance Officer on 831 0500 ext 551 if you child will be absent from school

Releasing a Student from School

If your son/daughter needs to leave school early for an appointment, they must have a note signed by a parent/guardian. The student then gets this countersigned by a Dean or a member of the Senior Leadership Team and takes it to the Attendance Administrator who issues an “Out-of-School” pass. 

However, If you need to sign your son/daughter out for an emergency during the day please be aware that the office staff may not be able to get your child straight away. While they will do everything they can to help, it may take a little while. 

If you anticipate needing to get your child out urgently it would be helpful to give at least half an hour notice. You can phone the school office on 831-0500.  Please do not turn up at the office and expect to be able to get your child out of class immediately.

Please DO NOT send your child a text message and expect them to be let out of class and to leave the school grounds without following this process.

Bus Information

Bus Information can be found here

Contact Information
Please inform the school office immediately if your contact details change.  An update details form can be collected from the Front Office.

Sick Students

If a student becomes sick during the day they must go to the nurse and she will decide if a parent needs to be contacted to come and take the child home. 

Some students decide for themselves that they need to go home sick and phone parents directly, asking to be collected.  This is unsatisfactory and makes it very difficult for the school to keep a track of students’ whereabouts during the day, which we must do for their health and safety, if they have left the premises without following the correct procedure.

We ask parents to assist us in having their child follow the correct procedures regarding sickness at school.

Lost Property
Please ensure that all property is clearly named.  Any property that is found will be handed to our Lost Property Office which is located between H1 & H2.  This Office is open from 1.30pm until 2pm each day.
Massey High School does not have designated visitor caparking.  Should you visit the school, during school hours, the only parking available is in the bus bay at the front of the BRPAC.  This area must however, be cleared by 2.00pm each day.  All visitors must report and sign in at the school office where they will be issued with a visitor’s badge. Visitors must make prior arrangements with classroom teachers. 
School Hours
School commences at 8.45am daily and concludes at 3.10pm.

Massey High School runs a five day timetable (Monday to Friday) over a two week cycle of 10 days. The two weeks are divided into Week A and Week B. There are five periods per day, all one hour in length. Directly following Period Two, there is a compulsory 20 minute Tutor (Form) Period.

Senior students have identical timetables for both weeks.

Junior students alter slightly each week to incorporate an equal balance of Health and Physical Education.

Regular School Day Timetable

Time Action
8:40am Period One
9:45am Period Two
10:50am Tutor Class (Form Period)
11:10am Interval
11:30am Period Three
12:35pm Period Four
1:35pm Lunch Break
2:15pm Period Five
3:10pm School Finishes