The Massey High School uniform is a symbol of the school to which pupils belong and of which they can be proud. The school expects students to maintain a high standard of grooming at all times.

It follows that the uniform should be worn complete and in Uniform
way that reflects credit on both the student and the school. Uniform standards are vigorously monitored and students have a responsibility to conform to those standards.

All items are available from SAS Sportswear, Trusts Stadium, Central Park Drive in Henderson.


Massey High School Uniform
Skirts - All Year Levels 3 Pleat Type Skirt
  Length of Skirt:  Mid-Calf or Ankle
Trousers Option to wear instead of Skirt
Socks White Socks or Black Tights
Trousers To be worn all year
Socks Black with Trousers
Shirts - Boys & Girls White
Ties - Boys & Girls Compulsory - To be worn all year
Blazer Compulsory - All Levels

Massey High School
SAS Sportswear Trust Shop (main foyer), 65-67 Central Park Drive, Henderson. Phone 022 3931 775.  Shop hours are Mondays & Tuesdays (10am-6pm), Thursdays & Fridays (9am-5pm) and Saturdays (9am-2pm). If you need to contact the shop, please phone the number above, or email trustshop@sas.co.nz