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Academy News

Automotive Academy - The Yr 12 students in the Automotive Academy Level 2, are nearly finished their bikes.  Connor has developed his fabrication and brazing skills this year and he is aiming to build a Go-Kart in Yr 13 in 2022.  Luke has incorporated design elements of his previous year’s skills and upgraded them this year so that he can put his bike on display.  He is aiming at doing Aeronautical Engineering when he leaves MHS.

2021 Waikato Culinary FareMassey High School Hospitality Academy Students Gain Our Highest MHS Medal Haul Yet, at the 2021 Waikato Culinary Fare.  

The competition is held annually at Wintec in Hamilton and the standard of offerings is exceedingly high. It is the premier and largest regional competition of its kind in the country, with schools and tertiary providers coming from all around the top half of the North Island to compete. For example, in the Cup Cakes category there were 91 entries and very impressive they were too! Our students have been preparing for this highlight of the year over all of Term Two. They left with three vans to them and all their equipment on Wednesday July 7th and competed for two full days finally finishing 5pm Friday July 9th. The camaraderie and school spirit were apparent throughout as was the effort and skills they put into the event. We won six Golds, three Silver and four Bronze medals, our largest collection of medals ever!

Congratulations to all and many thanks to the staff who have supported our students in this venture. They are: Ms Hanson, Ms Mudaliar, Ms Douglas, Mr Vaigalu and Mr Hackett. 

The medal winners are:

Class Description




Cup Cakes - Secondary School Culinary



Ryan Van Vugt

Cold Dessert - Secondary School Culinary



Amber Leverton

Cold Dessert - Secondary School Culinary



Jamie Conway

Café Cake - Secondary School Culinary



Ruby Nuttall

Café Cake - Secondary School Culinary



Caitlin Bell

Café Cake - Secondary School Culinary



Victoria Davis

Café Cake - Secondary School Culinary



Dante Harris

Mystery Box - Secondary School Culinary



Vivek Kumar & Vineet Anurag

Creative Burger - Secondary School Culinary



Taitiaki Taylor

Creative Burger - Secondary School Culinary



Rewi Matthews-Taiapo

Chicken Dish  - Secondary School Culinary



John Tai Thul

Chicken Dish - Secondary School Culinary



Rachael Swamy

Barista - Secondary School Culinary



Ana Ikani


Fine Dining at AUT - All the Yr 12 & 13 Hospitality students visited AUT’s Four Seasons restaurant last week on Thursday 29th July to find out about courses available for their future pathways, to check out the kitchens and to enjoy a three-course meal.

Three of our students are thinking about taking up the Diploma in Patisserie course next year and at least one is considering the Diploma in Culinary Arts. We certainly look forward to hearing about their progress in the years to come.

Academy Star Awards Term 2

The Academy Stars are awarded to students who have made a significant impact in their academy in the term and are leading the way. The Academy Star Award Winners for Term 2 are:

Hiranga House:

Student NameTutor ClassClassReason for Award
Eden Kelly11HNIHospitality AcademyFor being a self-motivated student who always works to a high standard.  She co-operates with her peers and is always willing to assist when there is a need.
Luke Ryan12HCVAutomotive AcademyFor his engineering ability and his completion of work ahead of time.

Karearea House:

Student NameTutor ClassClassReason for Award
Makelita Saamu11KKTEarly Childhood Academy L2For doing really well all round. ECE placement work is of a high standard and she is extremely reliable.
Willow Blank12KFVFashion AcademyFor up-cycling a beautiful table cloth into a stunning corset, made to a very high standard and with an exceptional eye for detail.
Elizabeth Strong13KAOHospitality AcademyFor her leadership in the cafe.
Jay Zeltwanger13KBTAutomotive AcademyFor always being eager to help and working hard.
Emily Marshall13KVEFashion AcademyFor enthusiastically completing her projects and always showing great initiative.

Matauranga House:

Student NameTutor ClassClassReason for Award
Lorietta Lam Kam13MGKTourism Plus
For being the Reception super star. Not only has she done an amazing job in covering the lunch breaks of our reception team, but she has shown leadership in training other students. A student who fully embraces all our school values and has grown within our academies.
Jamie Smith Conway13MGKHospitality AcademyFor her leadership in the cafe.

Turama House:

Student NameTutor ClassClassReason for Award
Shavaughn Baker11TWZEarly Childhood Academy L2For doing really well all round. ECE placement work is of a high standard and she is extremely reliable.
Samantha Allen11TWZFashion AcademyFor working diligently, independently and being the first student to begin her self-designed skirt.
Dylan Datt11TFRBuilding Pre-AcademyFor being very punctual to class, a neat worker in terms of Unit standard answering and also project work. He has displayed safe behaviour at all times during practical class and very helpful to his friends when he is ahead with his project work.
Akenese Siose Taafaki13TCKEarly Childhood Academy L3For making great progress in Assessments and Practical work.

Building/Carpentry Academy:

Student Name
Tutor Class
Reason for Award
Oscar DicksonACDBUI
Building Academy L3For being good academically and always finishing jobs to a high standard plus he is able to focus and stay on task.
Erina TaitACDCP2Carpentry Academy L2For working on tasks successfully, that are outside her comfort zone.
Mary-Jane MortimerACDCP1Carpentry Academy L2
For consistently being on task, great work ethic and problem solving plus great retention of knowledge.  

Academy Update - Fashion Academy - A quick interview with Dorisha from our Fashion Academy.

Why I chose the Fashion Academy:

I chose the fashion academy as a subject because I love clothes, trying new styles and now I can design and make my own!

What I Hope To Learn:

The idea of making my own clothes, sounded like something I would like to do for fun and learn new things like how a garment is made up from scratch and what different techniques are used to make up a garment.

What I Plan to do When I Leave School:

When I leave school, I want to study business and accounting and maybe if I really wanted to, I would look into going to fashion and beauty school and start my own little business.

By Dorisha Datt

Academy Update - ECE - Great work by Jade, one of our Early Childhood Academy Students, at her Kindy. A message from her placement kindergarten.

"Kia ora 

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is having Jade here at Birdwood kindergarten on Tuesday afternoons. 

I have attached a couple of photos I have just taken of her creating a wall display for me.

She is constantly motivated to learn and willing to give anything a go, she relates well to the children and is considered in the way she engages with them. 

Have a great week.

Ngā mihi


Kristy Austin
Head Teacher
Birdwood Kindergarten

Academy Update - Carpentry - A Brief Update from our Building & Carpentry Academies.

During the recent vacation Craig Walker House removals took away two completed houses.

Now the L2 Carpentry Academy are working on the floors of the new builds whilst the L3 Building Academy students are finishing the other two houses.

Girls in Hi Vis Trip - Girls In High Vis Trip to The Northern Corridor Motorway Improvements Site at Rosedale North Shore. 

Six of our female students at MHS were inspired to attend the Northern Corridor Improvements Project (NCI) in the Girls with Hi-Vis® 2021 event on Wednesday 16th June 2021. The event is aimed at raising the profile of possible careers for females in construction. It aims to outline all the different possible jobs, training, and employment in the industry.

The NCI project is a roading project that includes a new motorway connection between SH1 and SH18, 7kms of walking and cycling paths as well as extending the Northern Busway from Constellation to Albany Station.

The project was delivered by Waka Kotahi, Fulton Hogan, HEB Construction, Jacobs and WSP. On the day of the event, the students met several women in varying roles across the project, digger drivers, engineers, community liaison officers and geologists etc to get an insight in to potential career pathways that are available. Plus, we were also able to get out on site and see the project in operation and understand the scale of construction involved.

The girls who attended were: Kortni Waikiki 11 KLB, Ruth Naititi 11 KLB, Mary Jane Mortimer and Qadira Inges Carpentry Academy, Mina Rozi 12 MGU, and Daezharn Puluka 12 HVW. The girls would like to thank all those at Waka Kotahi, Fulton Hogan, HEB Construction, Jacobs and Connexis for giving up their time and making the day so enjoyable and informative.

Unitec Trades Tour DayMHS Academy Construction Students at the Unitec Trades Tour Day, Tuesday 25th May 2021.

The Unitec Secondary School Trades Tour has been designed to provide senior secondary school students with the opportunity to hear more about the various careers and areas of study that are offered within Trades at Unitec. The Unitec Secondary School Trades Tour helped to provide information to students and to help them with their career decision-making process.

We were able to see the resources available and the opportunities that arise in many areas of the trades. The trades tutors outlined the future training that students could undertake and the excellent employment perspectives and future earnings that could be achieved.

Our students who attended were: Daniel James · Mannix Dawson · Henere Masters · Turongo Faneva · Kaea Rameka-Paul · Kokiri Rota-Hohepa · Mary Jane Mortimer · Qadira Inges · Saprano Saifolo.

We thank Unitec and their team for all the mahi and organisation that went into the day and to all our students who attended for their engagement on the tour. We look forward to future events.

N Hackett Assistant Principal.

Academy Stars - The academies at MHS have been up and running with a huge range of activities underway this term. The Academy Stars are awarded to students who have made a significant impact in their academy in the term and are leading the way. The Academy Star Award Winners for Term 1 are:

Hiranga House:

Student NameTutor ClassClassReason for Award
Rachel Swamy13HBCFull Time Hospitality AcademyFor being motivated and committed to both her practical assessments and theory.
Aref Osman12HHCMechatronics AcademyFor being fully engaged and not being afraid to make mistakes, which allows him to build a deeper understanding.
Luke Ryan12HCVYear 1 Automotive AcademyFor always being cheerful, respectful, and producing great work.
Jade Bench11HNILevel 2 Early Childhood Education AcademyFor being reliable, responsible, and working at a very high level at her work placement.
James Woodhams11HNIEngineering Pre-AcademyFor following instructions and completing tasks to a high standard.
Julie Tila11HBBLevel 1 Fashion AcademyFor working hard on her sewing samples and always being the first person to complete a task.

Karearea House:

Student NameTutor ClassClassReason for Award
Rewi Matthews-Taiapa12KFVLevel 2 Hospitality AcademyFor always giving a helping hand without being asked, and for taking on new challenges out of his comfort zone.
Tamara Jarrett12KDWLevel 2 Hospitality AcademyFor always being on time with her assessments and being well organised.
Noah Wikaira11KLBLevel 1 Pre-Building AcademyFor being a committed and respectful student who is always asking what to do next.

Matauranga House:

Student NameTutor ClassClassReason for Award
Dorisha Datt13MGKLevel 3 Fashion AcademyFor working so diligently on her vintage Kimono pattern and extending herself to a high level.
Phoenix Green12MRRLevel 2 Fashion AcademyFor completing her fashion illustrations to a very high standard and with great enthusiasm.
Jay Rielly-Wolfgang12MRRLevel 2 Tourism Plus AcademyFor her consistent effort in class and outstanding results.
Alice Steer11MSDHospitality Pre-AcademyFor being so highly motivated and completing work to such a high standard.

Turama House:

Student NameTutor ClassClassReason for Award
Vivek Kumar13TNBLevel 3 Hospitality AcademyFor working so methodically on his practical assessments.
Kirsty Jackson13TCK
Level 3 Tourism Plus AcademyFor her fantastic attitude and volunteer placement work.
Teana Pomare13TFMLevel 3 Early Childhood Education AcademyFor her reliable and responsible attitude and working at such a high level in her work placement.
Micheal Tuhakaraina13TCKYear 2 Automotive AcademyFor always being cheerful, working hard, being on task, and producing great work.
Stella Hoff12TMELevel 3 Early Childhood Education AcademyFor the huge effort she makes with all the tasks set, and her great attitude.

Building Academy Year 13:

Student NameTutor ClassClassReason for Award
Jayden WitikaACDBUIYear 13 Building AcademyFor being a stand-out performer in Term 1, and a welcome new addition to our team.

Worksafe Pilot Programme At Massey High

A group of Massey High School students have completed a pilot programme, developed by WorkSafe, which aims to see a generational shift in attitudes towards health and safety. The construction academies at Massey High School also include students from Ko Taku Reo, formerly Kelston Deaf Education Centre, and Bay of Islands College.

The programme delivered by WorkSafe inspectors, was comprised of three workshops and held across the school year.

It allowed year 12 and 13 students in Massey High School’s carpentry, building and construction pre-trade academy to learn the ins and outs of health and safety, with topics including falls from a height, asbestos and mentally healthy work.

The pre-trade academy is part of the Auckland West Vocational Academy, which allows students the opportunity to take part in skills based learning they can carry into future careers.

Students taking part in the full-time construction academy spend the year building residential houses on site at the school, which are then sold to Housing New Zealand. Once completed, tutors assist students in finding apprenticeships outside of the classroom.

Massey High School’s Site Manager Cameron Fergus, who leads the pre-trade academy, has a background in working on residential construction sites. He said he has seen first-hand relaxed attitudes towards health and safety.

“This is why this programme is great, it is drilling it into these students while they are young and impressionable, before they’re given their tools and thrown into the workplace.

Fergus said it was awesome to see students putting knowledge learnt during the programme into practice on site.

“I have definitely noticed the students are more aware of health and safety now, they’re talking about it amongst one another.”

WorkSafe’s Construction Lead Melanie Dale said despite postponements throughout the year due to COVID-19 restrictions, the pilot programme has been extremely successful.

“We have worked hard to ensure these workshops are interactive and digestible. We’ve kept them short and snappy and covered a range of topics to give students a broad understanding of health and safety and how it applies to a construction site.

“Coming in each term we can see how students are developing. They are able to draw on knowledge from previous workshops to identify risk.

“The construction industry remains a key focus area for WorkSafe. By positively influencing these students’ habits while they are learning their craft hopefully we’ll see a generational change in attitudes to health and safety in the workplace that will translate into less harm on construction sites.”

Dale said WorkSafe was now looking to roll out the programme nationally.

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