Accessing the Parent/Student Portal

A video showing how to logon to our Parent/Student Portal.

Massey High School encourages parents and caregivers to access their young persons Timetable and achievement information online via the 'Parent Portal'.

What can I view on the Parent/Student Portal?

  • Daily Notices - these are notices read to the students every morning. This keeps the students up to date with all that is happening around the school.
  • Calendar - a monthly calendar of events happening throughout the year.  You are able to subscribe to this calendar by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.
  • Course Selection - this is where you are able to view the assessment calendar along with a number of other features, including the students weekly timetable.
  • Library - displays any library books the student has taken out from our library.
  • Details
    • Details: displays students name, date of birth and NSN Number.
    • Financial: shows the current status of the student's school account and what is currently owing.
    • Attendance: shows the student's attendance.  This is a weekly display however you are able to look back on previous weeks.
  • Results: where you can view NCEA results and credits.

Steps for logging in are shown in the video above.

Our Parent Portal address is

 An app called Kamar is also available from your app store and will need the additional Settings Information: 

Portal Address:

Please remember the data available to you through the Portal is private and confidential to you and your son/daughter, please do not share these details with anyone else. If you lose or misplace your username or password please contact the main office and they will provide you further information.

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