BYoD at Massey High School

The introduction of Bring Your own Device (BYoD) for Year 10 to Year 13 students at Massey High School.

The implementation of BYoD for students of Year 10-13 has progressed well over Term 1, and students are experiencing positive outcomes already by demonstrating higher engagement levels in class, more efficiency when completing work, and the ability to gain knowledge more readily at deeper levels. 

Students have commented by saying they are able to work and research independently and at their own pace during class. They can access up to date information that is relevant and meaningful and are enjoying the fun and interesting collaboration tools that teachers are trialling in their lessons. 

We had a chat with a few of our students from 10KBH, who are currently using devices in their classes:

Zoe Armitage: "The greatest benefit is being able to work independently and at our own speed."

Brooklyn Ottaway: "Instead of using our books we can type it up on our laptops and it saves the extra luggage in our bags."

Tai Tahere-Ford: "I am able to type faster on documents instead of me writing slowly.  It helps me get more done in the time that I do have, and the fact that I can work on it from home.  Having internet on your side is really helpful - it is a big vault of knowledge."

Deputy Principal, Wiri Warriner commented by saying that the teaching staff at Massey High School have been amazing with learning the new technologies during their professional development sessions and are making great progress with offering the skills necessary for our students to be successful in today’s digital economy. 

Further information on our BYoD initiative can be found by clicking here.

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