BYoD - Where to Begin

This newsletter is the second of a series of newsletters devoted to Massey High School’s move toward integrating Bring Your own Device (“BYoD”) for the majority of our students from 2021. This newsletter sets out some introductory specifications and provides information about No Interest Loan Schemes that may be able to be accessed by some families.

Noel Leeming Group

As mentioned in our previous BYoD newsletter, Massey High School (‘MHS’) has partnered with Noel Leeming Group (‘NLG’) as a means to provide our community with a range of device options across price points, and access to competitive pricing, finance options, accessories, and after-market support.

NLG, through consultation with the school, are currently finalising those options and material regarding this will be uploaded to our website over the course of the next week.

In the interim, attached is a flyer which provides a starting point with regard to the types of devices that we recommend for our Year 10 through 13 students.

Please note, whilst we have entered into a partnership with NLG that provides our community with options, this does not limit our community to purchasing only from that source. Existing laptops that meet the minimum requirements will be suitable, as will laptops that have been purchased through other channels.

As mentioned, further detailed information will be forthcoming over the coming weeks.


No Interest Loan Scheme

For some of our families, access to No Interest Loan Schemes (‘NILS’) is available. These are a fair and affordable way for people living on limited incomes to borrow to buy essential household goods or services (including computers for educational use). The application process is conducted by the Salvation Army in Waitakere.

Information on NILS, provided through, is included as part of this newsletter.


Future Updates

Keep an eye out for further newsletters over the coming weeks, each of which will provide more detailed information.

Similarly, there will be further information provided regularly on the use of devices in teaching and learning.

All such information will be uploaded to our school website.

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