Fashion Academy in Action

Check out what our Fashion Academy students have been up to.

Photos 1 to 3 show Sydney Sellar's Competition Entry – this is the outfit that Sydney created earlier in the year for her Lingerie/Nightwear unit, with the Corset being her piece of Lingerie. She picked the pattern and chose the fabric from Otara’s Fabric shop. She was a winner of the Youth Fashion Competition – put together by IMFAB, the Indigenous Maori Fashion Apparel Board. She is one of ten winners who have been selected to open the Miromoda runway showcase at New Zealand Fashion Week (which has been postponed until lockdown ends). Congratulations to Sydney, we look forward to hearing about Fashion Week. 

(Photos 4 to 6) The Fashion Academy students assisted The Glen Eden Playhouse Theatre in their recent production of The Wizard of Oz.  The students created the Toto the Dog costume. The fabric was provided by the playhouse theatre and was sewn together by students Sydney Sellar 12MRR, Mina Rozi 12MGU, Willow Blank 12KFV and Emily Marshall 13KVE. Sydney and Willow also went and helped backstage during the performances held over the last school holidays. 

(Photos 7 & 8) The photo of Dorisha Datt 13MGK in her Pink Vintage Vogue Kimono, was sewn for her unit standard 6701 Sew a garment using special fabric – with her fabric of choice being a pink high shine Satin. Dorisha worked hard to create a mock-up of this garment first, using materials we already had in the classroom. After she had made this up, she tried it on and we made some adjustments to the pattern to improve the fit, and then she created the fabulous kimono.

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