Great Olympic Skate Tour

Massey High School this morning had a visit from the New Zealand Olympic Committee’s Great Olympic Skate.

As part of the build up to the Olympic Games they are taking a super-sized skateboard, dubbed Eke Tahi, on a road trip around New Zealand to celebrate the event, strengthen support for the team and showcase the new and exciting sports that will be seen at the Tokyo Olympic Games – of which Skateboarding is one. The skateboard is 12 meters long and will set a new world record as the largest fully operational skateboard in the world.

The board was accompanied by Matt Markland and Bowman Hansen – they are two of New Zealand’s top skateboarders.

It was an opportunity for some of our skaters to skate with the best. Max Hibbert, one of our Sports Leaders, signed a message of support from Massey High School on one of five surfboards that will sit in the Olympic Games Village in Tokyo.

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