As you will have already heard from our Principal Mr Denham, Massey High School will be continuing online learning from Monday 18th October.  Whilst the circumstance of being online is not ideal, we must continue to make every effort to prepare our senior students for the forthcoming NCEA Examinations. Accordingly, the Massey High School exams will take place for students between Tuesday 19th October and Wednesday 27th October 2021 as originally planned.  However, these exams will need to take place in an online learning environment.  Some Exams will take place during scheduled lessons, and others will be taking place each afternoon from 1:05pm.  These exams are important for students as they provide crucial assessment evidence for us as a school, and also for students in their learning.  All parents/caregivers have been sent a personalised email outlining what exams and assessments their child has over the next two weeks.  All students have been sent this same information to their school email accounts so they can take responsibility for their own learning.

Structure of the day during the exam period:

 Normal classes will be running as per usual in the mornings for Periods 1, 2 and 3, and it is expected that students will attend those classes.  At 12:30pm, lessons will end, and it is our expectation that students will either:

  • complete their Massey High School exams listed below from 1:05pm, 
  • finish incomplete assessments from earlier in the year listed below, 
  • or engage in further study for upcoming assessments. 

Please note that students who are a part of a full-time academy programme, e.g. Carpentry Academy, Building Academy, Full time Hospitality Academy, will continue to attend full time as per usual.


The exams:

  • At 1:05pm students who are sitting exams will have a scheduled video call with their subject teacher to go over any instructions needed for the exams.  Following this, the exam platforms will be opened for students to complete their exam.  Exam conditions do apply for these assessments, so it is important that they are sitting in a location suitable for an exam with no distractions, and they have no other devices or pieces of paper near them.  
     It is important that the students finish and submit their exams during the time frames provided.  Further instructions in this regard will be communicated to students by their subject teachers and their Akina Leaders.


The exam timetable is outlined below – as mentioned previously, each student has received the timetable which is particular to them.



Tuesday 19 October 

Afternoon 1.05pm start 

Wednesday 20 October 

Afternoon 1.05pm start 

Thursday 21 October 

Afternoon 1.05pm start 

Friday 22 October 

Afternoon 1.05pm start 

Tuesday 26 October 

Afternoon 1.05pm start 

Wednesday 27 October 

Afternoon 1.05pm start 

Level 3 

CHE300 (28) 3hr  

CHE301 (19) 3hr  

SCI301(Chem) (22) 3hr  

HIS301 (22) 3hr 

BUS301 (37) 3hr  

MAO301 (7) 3hr  

PHY301 (47) 3hr  

CLS301 (1) 3hr  

ENG301 (147) 3hr  

MMU301 (2) 3hr  

COM301 (21) 3hr  

DTI301 (7) 3hr  

ESS301 (6) 2hr  

GEO301 (31) 3hr  

MCA300 (53) 3hr  

MAT301 (40) 1hr  

ACC301 (18) 3hr  

BIO301 (55) 3hr  

SCI301(Bio) (22) 1hr  

MUS301 (13) 3hr  

Level 2 

MCA200 (71) 3hr  

MST201 (55) 1hr  

MAT202 (89) 3hr  

CHE201 (54) 3hr  

SCI201(Chem) (28) 1hr  

SCI202 (53) 2hr  

MAO201 (5) 3hr  

MUS201 (12) 3hr  

CLS201 (23) 3hr  

ESS201 (11) 3hr  

GEO201 (20) 3hr  


ENG201 (187) 3hr  

ENG120 (27) 3hr  

HEA201 (25) 3hr  

HIS201 (29) 3hr  

PHY201 (46) 3hr  

BIO201 (63) 3hr  

SCI201(Bio) (28) 1hr  

COM201 (12) 3hr  

DTI201 (23) 3hr  

Level 1 

ENG101 (174) 3hr  

ENG103 (69) 3hr  

BIO100 (27) 3hr  

DAN101 (28) 2hr  

HIS101 (29) 3hr  


PHY100 (27) 3hr  

SCI101 (128) 3hr  

SCI102 (87) 3hr  

GEO101 (84) 3hr  

COM101 (16) 3hr  

DTI101 (12) 3hr  

CHE100 (27) 3hr  

MAO101 (15) 3hr  

MUS101 (27) 3hr  





What to do when there is no exam scheduled:

Not all subjects require a scheduled exam, and there is still work to be done.  Students have several options for what work to complete when they do not have an exam.

  •  Option 1: if students have incomplete assessments from earlier in the year, these assessments should be completed and submitted to teachers.  Every student has been sent details of any incomplete assessments.  Some of these may be able to be completed in a distance learning environment.  We are asking that students check with their subject teacher as to which can be completed.


  • Option 2: engage in further study in preparation for any remaining internal assessments and upcoming external assessments.


All Massey High School teachers are here to provide support.  If you have any questions or need support, please get in touch.


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