MHS Gateway Programme

We have received a glowing commendation of our students who have been doing their work placement and Gateway credits through Service IQ this year.

We have had Year 12 students at The Warehouse (12), Countdown (4), Farmers (2) and Year 13 students at Noel Leeming (6), Westgate.

"Thank you for nurturing and supporting your students so that every term when I see them I can very confidently send them out to work placements with absolute confidence that they will work hard, show respect to everyone involved, be polite and be absolute pleasures to deal with. I work with High Schools all throughout West Auckland from New Lynn to Helensville and the North Shore to Warkworth. I can honestly say that Massey High is only one of a couple of schools with consistently fantastic students to work with, who show respect and enthusiasm every day.  This term we have had Massey High students in Countdown, The Warehouse, Noel Leeming and Farmers. All the students involved need to be congratulated for representing themselves, their families and their school so admirably." - Lisa Compton, Schools Transitions Advisor.

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