NZ Engineering Science Competition

This fun and challenging competition is for teams of three or four Year 12 or 13 students who are interested in Mathematics and Science.

The annual New Zealand Engineering Science competition is a problem solving event for teams of senior secondary students organised by the University of Auckland's Department of Engineering Science, and sponsored by Orion Health and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. 

This year’s competition was held on 7th August from 10am to 6pm. An open ended question was posted online at 10 am and students had to research and submit their report before 6 pm.

This year’s question was:

“How many 1 in 100 year extreme weather events can NZ expect to experience over the course of the next decade?”

Two teams participated from our school this year.

Year 13 team - Peter Parker, Yi Chen Hsiao, Woo Jin Jeon, Bernie Cai

Year 12 team – Aref Osman, Shazeel Ali, Luke Ryan, Caleb Stevens

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