Student Leadership Day

86 students from Years 10-13 who have been identified as leaders in the school attended a full day course learning more about leadership with the aims of providing better learning experiences for students, improving the school, and building skills, confidence and motivation

The day began with an address from the Principal, Glen Denham who told students stories about overcoming challenges and what being a leader means.  Deputy Principal Wiri Warriner then spoke about leadership styles, role models and characteristics of good leaders.  The students learnt about team dynamics and goal-setting from Head of Physical Education Faculty Steph Lang and Physical Education teacher Mikayla Loader.  This involved students in teams taking part in a challenge to build the tallest tower out of dry spaghetti noodles and marshmallows.  There were some great successes and some failures too!

After morning tea other expert teachers taught the students about leadership skills including time management, self-organisation, presentation skills, event management, how to run effective meetings and assemblies.  Students completed a personal plan for their leadership and discussed how to achieve balance and stay centered in their leadership roles.

After lunch students divided into groups where they made plans for the year and practiced what they would do in particular scenarios they might encounter.  This allowed time for different groups to come together and start to form their teams.  Students finished the day with greater clarity and positivity about their roles and their potential as student leaders. 

Massey High School is committed to developing leadership skills in all students and we will be running further workshops for other students in the future.  Many thanks to all the staff who contributed to the day.

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