Massey High School

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Tabloid Day

This is to inform you that we have our Tabloids Day here at school on Friday 5th March. Students will be dismissed from school at 1.30pm.

This day is a Whole School event where students compete with and against students from the different Houses. The event is designed to engender school spirit and student camaraderie.

The day is run on a basis consistent with other School House Events. Students are encouraged to dress in their SCHOOL HOUSE colours.

The day will start as per normal at 8.40am.  In the interest of Health & Safety, around the event, the school gates will be closed at 9.00am, any students that arrived after this time may be denied entry to school.

There will be supervision for students to remain at school until 3.10pm

The buses will be at school at 1:45pm on Friday.

Buses 5/6, 8/200, 10, 13 and 100 will leave at 1:50pm. 

Buses 1 & 12 will be at school at 3.00pm.

Buses 3, 7, 9 & 11 will be here from 3:35pm onwards.

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