Unexpected Event Grades

As you are aware, NCEA External Exams start on Monday 22 November.

These exams are important as they help students to gain the credits needed to achieve their NCEA qualifications.  Because of the pressure put on students by COVID this year, all students in Auckland, including those at Massey High School, are eligible for Unexpected Event Grades (UEG) for every standard they are entered into for the external exams and portfolios. 

These grades are derived from standard specific evidence gathered during the year to date and additional evidence that will continue to be collated over the next few weeks.  Examples of where this evidence can come from include practice exams, subject tests, assignments, class work, and any other relevant assessments. 

The UEG calculation will be applied automatically, and students will receive the higher of either the grade they earn in the exam, or the UEG submitted by their school. As those who saw the announcement, Minister Hipkins was very clear  in his expectation that students still need to sit their exams. Unexpected Event Grades are not available for New Zealand Scholarship exams.

For Massey High School students, it is important to complete set work and tasks set by subject teachers particularly in the coming weeks, as all this evidence can be used as evidence toward an Unexpected Event Grade.

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