About the Schools System


Students are placed into one of five 'Schools' on the Massey High School (MHS) Campus, there are two Dean's who work with students in each school. Massey High School is one of the largest schools in New Zealand. A large school has many advantages, in particular, curricular diversity and access to a wide range of extra-curricular support and activities. However, there is a risk of becoming too impersonal and losing students in the "crowd". 

We do not wish this to happen and consequently have reorganised the Massey Campus into five separate homogeneous groups. Each school is lead by two School Deans and comprise a mixture of classes from Years 9 to Year 13. 

School Dean's have their offices in the physical body of their school so that direct pastoral care can be delivered.  The intention of the grouping is to improve pastoral care and encourage a sense of belonging, by providing a small school atmosphere within a large school. The five schools are named after local beaches, Anawhata, Karakare, Muriwai, Piha and Te Henga.

Each school has an assembly once a week, and participates as a group for sporting, cultural and social activities. A very important feature of the organisation is the significant increase in leadership opportunities available to Year 13 students. 

More information will be posted here for individual school's shortly.