Student Support

Student Support

Massey High School provides it's student body with a number of support services including; careers, focus learning, a health clinic and special programmes. 

Focus Learning 
The Focus Learning Department (FLD) is part of Massey High School’s Student Support Services which also includes the Guidance and Careers Departments. 
FLD’s role in our school is to support students with learning needs that impact on their success at school, with a focus on improving literacy levels. The department’s staffing in 2017 is as follows: 

  • Teacher in Charge of Literacy : Mrs R Francis (Ext 702) - or via email
  • (SENCO) Special Needs Coordinator : Mrs A Whyte (Ext 575)

Five teacher-aides support the programmes within the department.

KidsLink is an online resource available to parents to find a range of services that specialise in working with children, teenagers and their families with issues that affect their learning, development and well-being. Please click on the logo below for more details.
Kidslink (r)

Health Centre 
There are a number of on-site health services. Accessibility and appropriate high quality health care have the potential to enhance educational outcomes by improving a student's physical and mental health, thereby removing barriers to learning. The students can access the health practitioners through the full time School Nurse or the Guidance Counsellors. To contact our Health Centre, please phone (09) 831 0500 extension 758, or email  Please click here to view more information about our Health Centre.

How to make an appointment:
Students call into the careers centre to make an appointment. You will be given a red appointment slip which must be shown to the teacher of the class you will be absent from. Year 12 and 13 students are all interviewed as part of the careers process. Parents can make appointments with the careers staff by phoning us on (09) 831 0500 ext 533.

If you have a quick question, please email one of the careers staff who will email a brief answer to you. If you require further information, please call into the careers centre. 

Email addresses for Becky Steel (HOD Careers) is:

Raewyn Moore (STAR Coordinator):

Please click here to view further information on services available, and details about STAR - Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource. This is a programme which helps us to better meet the needs of senior students.

Guidance Counsellor & HOD Student Support Services: Ann Mckenzie (Ext 505) - or Jessica Channon (Ext 532) -

Special Programmes