MHS Exams

Massey High School exams start next week. Click here to read more!

Just a reminder that MHS exams start next week.  It is important that students attend all of their exams as they are a combination of:

  • NCEA Practice Exams which can be used for Derived/Emergency/Unexpected Event Grades if for any reason a student(s) cannot sit their End of Year NCEA exams e.g. Medical reasons etc.
  • External Preparation for Portfolio based subjects
  • Catchup sessions for students who may have missed or gained Not Achieved in Internal Assessments where students will have the opportunity to resit or complete missed assessments


The start time of the morning exams have been adjusted to 9:10am in line with Period 1, and the afternoon exams start at 1pm.  If a student has an exam scheduled, they are expected to be at school.  If they are unable to attend their exam, contact should be made with the school and the subject teacher as soon as possible to reschedule the exam. 

  • Please note that the MCAT (Maths Common Assessment Task) and all COM (Computer Science) and DTI (Digital Technology) exams cannot be rescheduled as these are actual assessments that need to be completed on these days.  Students will need to discuss their absence with Jen Triggs – Principals Nominee, to see if they can apply for a Derived Grade.

Students are only required to be at school when they have an exam.  If they do not have an exam, they should be at home studying.  They are welcome to come into school to use the School Library if they wish, but they should sign in at the office and wear correct uniform.

Exam Schedule

There are a couple of changes to the exams.  Students will be receiving personalised emails again today reflecting the latest changes to the exam schedule so they know when they need to be at school.


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