BYoD - Bring Your Own Device

All students should bring an appropriate electronic device every day for their learning.  This means a device they can type on and be able to connect to Microsoft 365.  

Device Requirements

  • Laptops and newish chrome books are acceptable
  • iPads, tablets and Smart Phones are not acceptable as students cannot type well on them
  • All devices must:
    • have a full keyboard
    • have an 11 inch or bigger screen
    • hold a charge for a full day (6+ hours)

  • Windows Devices
    • We recommend a Windows 11 device though Windows 10 is still acceptable. 
    • Most laptops sold through retail outlets are sold with the Home Edition of Windows.  As part of the Microsoft EES agreement, the Home Edition can be freely upgraded to Education Edition.  Information for doing this is provided here.  

Choosing the Right Device

A Chromebook is suitable for almost all schoolwork from Years 9-13.

However, students intending to take DVC, Digital Technology, Photography, Design and Media Studies in the senior school will need laptops capable of running the Adobe Suite at home, so either a Windows laptop or a MacBook.

Access to a Device

We have partnered with Noel Leeming Group (NLG) to provide access to competitive pricing, finance options and after-purchase support.  A flyer is attached here.        

We have also worked with organisations who can work with some members of our community to provide realistic support to enable access to a suitable device for learning.  

The school will also provide support for obtaining WINZ quotes.

Access to No Interest Loan Schemes (NILS) is available.   These are a fair and affordable way for people living on limited incomes to borrow or buy computers for educational use.   The application process is conducted by the Salvation Army in Waitakere.  Information on this is provided here.