Massey High School is a school with heart.  

We are a large co-educational school in West Auckland, 30 minutes from the International Airport, 20 minutes from the Auckland city centre, and close to New Zealand’s famous west coast surf beaches, native forests and rivers. This means there is a huge range of cultural, sporting, and recreational activities available to our students. 

Our school was opened in 1969, and since that time our roll has increased to 1900 students. Our students come from a diverse ethnic and socio-economic background, reflective of the richly diverse nature of New Zealand itself. This diversity adds to the strength and openness of our school community as well as our friendly and accepting approach to visitors and new students. 

Our school’s philosophy is to maintain the highest standards in academic and sporting, cultural and social areas, within a disciplined and caring environment. We pride ourselves on having a progressive approach to education, with an innovative curriculum model, supported by well qualified teaching staff.  

The school is situated 30 minutes away from the International Airport, and only 20 minutes from the business/shopping centre of Auckland. 

The Principal, the Director of International Students, the Head of English Language Learning, the International Administrator, and the Homestay Co-Ordinator closely monitor and support the needs of all international students to ensure wraparound support and care for our International Students. 

Message from the Principal - Alastair Fairley

As the principal of Massey High School, I want to extend a warm welcome to students from around the world who are considering joining our diverse and inclusive school community here in Aotearoa, New Zealand.
At Massey High, we pride ourselves on fostering a caring, welcoming, and supportive environment. We have a strong commitment to student well-being and actively build connections with students, their families, and their communities of support. We offer safe and welcoming homestay accommodations, providing a comfortable and supportive living environment for all our international students. Our school's philosophy prioritises maintaining the highest standards in academic, sporting, and cultural realms within a disciplined and caring framework, ensuring a world-class teaching and learning experience.
Come and experience the excellence of Massey High School, where every student is valued, supported, and empowered to succeed.

Director of International Students - Joshua Brodie

Joshua is an experienced international educator who loves to share the culture and heart of Massey High School and New Zealand with his students.  

Having taught overseas for many years, Joshua understands the challenges of being far from loved ones. It can be hard at the beginning, especially for our new international students, who are yet to build that sense of belonging that comes from being at Massey High School. Joshua ensures that our new international students feel cared for and accepted. 

From the initial inquiry to the time they leave for their next adventure, Joshua ensures active student involvement in school life. He prioritizes building strong relationships and connections with students and their families, even meeting parents during overseas travels to discuss their child's learning and development.  

Feel free to reach out directly to Joshua directly for insights into what Massey High School can do for your child. 


Our annual tuition fee is $NZ15,500 for a full academic year and covers all aspects of tuition, including entry into NCEA standards and stationery requirements. This fee includes uniform. 

Our fees are NZ$4,000 per term (again, this an inclusive cost) for shorter term studies. Students attending for less than a year are allowed to wear uniform from their school in their home country, though they are also welcome to purchase a Massey High School uniform to wear at school.  

Insurance is compulsory for all International Students in New Zealand and is approximately $620.00. We are happy to help you arrange this. Alternatively, insurance can be arranged independently, though Massey High School must have a copy of your policy and ensure it meets our expectations with regards to the NZ International School Signatories Code of Practice. 

Our MHS administration fee is NZ$600. 

Homestay accommodation can be arranged for NZ$370 per week. There will be a NZ$500 placement fee for homestay which includes pickup from the airport, careful organisation of suitable homestay families, as well as a range of other services.  

If you require any other information, please do not hesitate to ask. Contact Karen Bentley, International Administrator, via email. 

Dates, Placement, Assessments and Accreditation.

Term Dates for 2024

Term 15 February – 12 April  
Term 229 April – 5 July  
Term 322 July – 27 September  
Term 414 October – 8 December

Term Dates for 2025

Term 17 February – 11 April
Term 228 April – 27 June
Term 314 July – 19 September
Term 46 October – 12 December

In New Zealand, students move from primary school to secondary school at about 12/13 years of age. 

Internal assessments and examinations in NCEA (the National Certificate of Educational Achievement) take place at Levels 1, 2 and 3, usually between the ages of 15 and 18.  

Level 2 or 3 NCEA results contribute towards acceptance into university. All fees for NCEA examinations (currently $383.30) are included in our International Tuition Fee. 


Students with strong English language skills are able to enter directly into our mainstream classes. If necessary, we also offer carefully tailored English Language support as part of our students’ general studies.  

Timetables and option choices for our students are flexible and built to cater for the students’ individual strengths and areas of challenge. We also offer a range of classes unique to Massey, including our Hospitality Academy, Tourism, and Fashion. 

Students who need full-time English assistance, work with qualified and experienced teachers in small groups to help their integration into the mainstream school. Teacher Aide in-class support is also available in some cases. 

If you have questions around classes and student care, contact Joshua Brodie, our Director of International Students. 

New Zealand as a Study Destination

New Zealand stands out as an ideal destination for international students. 

It offers a blend of top-tier education, diverse cultural experiences, and a welcoming environment. With its careful management of the coronavirus pandemic, New Zealand is renowned as one of the most attractive countries for international students, solidifying its position as a premier education hub. Students are drawn to New Zealand not only for its excellent education system but also for its internationally accredited qualifications and ample recreational opportunities. The country's matchless quality of life, characterized by picturesque landscapes and a vibrant outdoor lifestyle, further enhances its appeal to students seeking personal growth and development.  

Against the backdrop of New Zealand's beauty and scenery, students find themselves immersed in a unique lifestyle and culture that fosters travel, adventure, and academic excellence. This combination of factors makes studying in New Zealand a compelling choice for students aspiring to broaden their horizons and achieve academic success in a supportive and enriching environment. 


If you wish to represent Massey High School overseas and help International Students discover our amazing school, please complete the form (available on the link below) and send it to Joshua Brodie, Massey High School International Director, and we will begin the process.

We look forward to working with you.