Our Health Centre Nurses
  • Elise Greaves
  • Jeanette Doyle
  • Rachel Harron

We have three registered nurses, in the health centre, who deliver a professional, high quality health care service.  We are mindful of student safety and confidentiality, and we deliver care in a respectful manner. 

The nurses aim to perform a comprehensive health assessment on every Year 9 student who starts at Massey High School.  We are able to refer students onto appropriate agencies and support services if required.

We work closely with other departments within the school such as counsellors, behavioural support and special education needs to support students.

There is also a School Doctor available by appointment on Tuesday and Thursday for students who cannot attend their own doctor.  Appointments for students to see our doctor can be made by the nurse on a priority basis.

Services Offered By Our Health Centre Team:
  • Health assessments; hearing and vision testing
  • Treatment of: asthma, allergies, skin infections, urine infections, pain relief
  • General unwellness and emergency care
  • Contraception, sexual health/STI tests and treatment, pregnancy tests
  • Referral to support services eg: counselling, drug and alcohol counselling, asthma nurse, healthhub

For appointments please complete our online appointment request form or message us on teams.

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Health Centre Hours

The Massey High School Health Centre is open from 8.30am - 3.30pm Monday to Friday. To reduce waiting times and avoid students missing valuable class time, we have allocated the following timing system: 

PeriodTimeAllocated For
1 and 28.30am to 11.10amHEEADSS assessments and emergencies only.
Period 3,4 and 5    11.10am to 3.30pmDrop-In Clinic

Please come at breaks and lunch time to avoid missing valuable learning time. If this is absolutely unavoidable, please ensure you have a note from your teacher to get out of class.

For further information, or to contact our nursing team please phone (09) 831 0500 or email via the button below.