School Conditions and Rules


As part of their Governance Policies the Board of Trustees asks each student and parent or guardian of students to agree to the rules and conditions of attending Massey High School. 


These rules are for general guidance. They do not attempt to deal with all possibilities. The Principal and Senior Staff will deal with situations as they arise. These rules apply both inside and outside of the school environment, where there is a clear connection with the school. 


Year 9 students are enrolled from May in their previous year, as advertised.  Enrolment forms are to be completed on-line and appointments made with Enrolment Officer. All enrolments are by interviews. Students who transfer from other secondary schools must make an appointment for a pre-enrolment interview with the Principal or his/her delegated representative. 


Students are expected to behave and dress in a manner which respects the rights of others and which enhances the school’s reputation in the community. 

Massey High School is a uniform school and school uniform is to be worn correctly at all times so that students can be identified as belonging to Massey High School. Students who do not wear correct uniform may be sent home. Appearance should be clean and tidy at all times. 

Specific school rules are listed separately and students are expected to abide by these at all times. There are consequences for breaking these rules which may range from impositions through to detentions, withdrawal from classes to exclusion or expulsion. 


Students are expected to attend school every day unless they are ill or family reasons prevent attendance. In these cases a letter of explanation must be brought back to school to the Tutor Teacher by the student. A telephone call to the school office or attendance officer is often helpful but a note still must be brought for our files. Three consecutive days of absence for medical reasons requires a medical certificate. For planned absences a letter to the appropriate Dean requesting permission to be away from school is required in advance. All other cases of absence will be treated as truancy. 


Schools are required to report to parents and at Massey High School three reports are produced each year. 


The school has three trained and qualified nurses on-site at all times, who manage the health centre. In an emergency a student may be taken to a doctor or Accident and Emergency and may be taken by ambulance. The school also has qualified first aid personnel on the staff and in all cases of sickness or accident full care and attention will be given to the best of our ability. Please ensure your contact details are updated in case of emergencies. 


Students using the internet are expected to act responsibly at all times. The school will exercise due care by using software to deter inappropriate material being accessed. 


If a student wishes to lay a complaint they should speak to their Tutor Teacher, Dean, Guidance Counsellor or a member of the Senior Leadership team. Parents wishing to complain should contact the appropriate Dean or a member of the Senior Leadership team. Any complaint about a staff member should be made to the Principal. If students are not satisfied about the outcome of a complaint they may appeal to a higher authority. If parents are not satisfied about a complaint they may appeal to the Principal or the Board Chairperson. EXEMPTIONS If a parent or caregiver wishes to accept responsibility for modifying their child’s unacceptable behaviour, the Principal may exempt the student from school for up to five days in accordance with Section 27 of the Education Act. 


The Principal may stand-down or suspend a student from school if in their opinion: 

a) The student’s gross misconduct or continual disobedience is a harmful or dangerous example to other students at the school; or 

b) Because of the student’s behaviour, it is likely that the student, or other students at the school, will be seriously harmed if the student is not suspended. 


These may be used in cases of gross misconduct or continual disobedience in accordance with Section 14 of the Education Act. Stand-downs can total no more than five school days in a term or 10 school days in a year per student. Beyond this students will be suspended. 


These may be used in cases of gross misconduct or continual disobedience in accordance with Section 14 of the Education Act. In all cases the Board of Trustees is involved and this action may result in a student being required to leave the school. 



If a student is not under direct supervision and control by a teacher then they must keep away from: (i) Hall, stage, Bruce Ritchie Performing Arts Centre and music rooms; (ii) Car park, bicycle area, parked vehicles; (iii) Construction/repair areas; (iv) Gymnasia, swimming pool, tractor shed, Groundsman's sheds; (v) Area behind the Reservoir; (vi) Unmown and tree areas around grounds. 

Students must not leave the school grounds, during the day, without permission. 


Students are expected to: (i) Walk quietly when moving around the school both inside the buildings and outside in the grounds; (ii) Keep to the paths outside and walk on the left hand side (inside and outside the building); (iii) Exit from and enter the buildings via the nearest door; (iv) On wet days, students entering buildings have priority over those leaving; 


(i) Students are permitted to use classrooms at interval or lunchtime only if there is staff supervision; 

(ii) In the classrooms there must be no interference with equipment and displays, blackboard or whiteboard, furniture arrangement or the teacher's desk and cupboards; 

(iii) Vandalism and graffiti are serious offences. 


(i) Tuck Shop queues: These must be orderly and jostling will not be tolerated; 

(ii) Students may buy food only for themselves at the Tuck Shop/Café – no multiple orders; 

(iii) All rubbish, uneaten food, papers and so on must be put in the bins provided. We must maintain high standards of personal and school cleanliness. 


The rules on substance abuse apply at all times when a student can be clearly identified as belonging to Massey High School, that is, at school, travelling to and from school or at any school function or activity. 


Smoking or vaping is considered to be an offence in this school and is a serious risk to students’ health. All schools in New Zealand are smoke-free. It is illegal to smoke on school grounds 24 hours a day every day of the year Students caught with cigarettes or smoking/vaping materials or associating with smokers will be subject to the schools pastoral care process. 


The bringing of alcohol and/or the consumption of alcohol and/or arriving at school intoxicated are serious offences. Non-prescription and Illegal Drug Abuse Illegal drug use including solvents is regarded very seriously and may become a police matter. This can encompass possession, receiving or distribution. The school's policy is to follow our pastoral systems which may include suspension by the Board of Trustees and may result in an exclusion or expulsion. Prescribed Drugs Students with prescribed drugs must report them to the Nurse. 


(i) The correct uniform must be worn at the appropriate time and according to the regulations set out by the Board of Trustees; 

(ii) This includes from the time students leave home in the morning until returning in the afternoon; 

(iii) Moustaches, beards or several day's growth or sideburns below the level of the bottom of the ear are not permitted; 

(iv) Extreme hairstyles or hair colouring are not permitted. The Principal is the sole judge as to what is extreme; 

(v) The only jewellery permitted is a watch and one gold or silver stud per ear. If any item is worn for cultural or religious reasons, it must be out of sight, i.e. under the blouse or shirt. A sticking plaster over body piercing is not acceptable; 

(iv) Tattoos and Ta Moko. Students must not have any visible tattoos when wearing school uniform. 


(i) Students must board buses in an orderly manner; 

(ii) Once students arrive at school in the mornings, they must remain at the school and not wander along the neighbourhood streets; 

(iii) Any misbehaviour on the buses could result in a student being barred from the bus transport for a period of time. 


(i) Any Senior Student driving a vehicle to school is to abide by the conditions of his/her driving licence.

(ii) Vehicles must be parked in Gallony Avenue, NOT on Don Buck Road. Students are requested to be mindful of residents. 


(i) A student is allowed to leave the school before the end of the school day only with a note from home or a Dentist/Doctor etc appointment card and permission from the school; (ii) All notes/cards must be signed by a Dean or a member of the Senior Leadership team and the student must sign out from the Bursars Office or the Front Office. During lunch and interval signing out is done at the main office; 

(ii) Before, or the next day after, a student is absent from school a note of explanation must be brought from home (an email from caregiver is also accepted) and presented to the tutor teacher, even if a phone call has also been made. 


Any student who is out of class/school without the permission of Parents/Guardians and the School Administration will be deemed truant and appropriate action will take place. 


(i) Students who are ill should be kept at home; 

(ii) If a student is ill they must report to the school nurse. If a student is ill during class time the class teacher will ensure that they get to the health centre safely; 

(iii) Only when accompanied by a Parent/Guardian or if a Parent/Guardian is available to supervise, will a student be allowed to go home from school; and only with the permission of and by arrangement with the school nurse. 


(i) The following items should not be brought to school: valuables (including large sums of money), electronic equipment, skateboards, offensive weapons, fireworks, explosives, toy guns or toy weapons; 

(ii) If it is unavoidable and any personal effects are brought to school, it is the student’s responsibility for their safekeeping. If they are brought to school the school will take no responsibility and it will be at the owner’s risk. 


(i) Bicycles must be left in an orderly fashion in the parking place provided. They must not be ridden in the school grounds; 

(ii) Bicycles should be wheeled in to the parking area after students dismount at the gate and, similarly, out to the gate where students mount to ride home. They must be locked to the stand; 

(iii) Students must wear helmets when riding their bicycles. 


(i) When visitors come to the school students are expected to show them courtesy; 

(ii) There is to be no fooling or playing chasing games in and around the buildings. Throwing balls around close to the buildings is not allowed; 

(iii) Fighting/'play' fighting and other violence is regarded seriously and may result in stand-down or suspension; 

(iv) Provoking or hassling other students in any form e.g. teasing, sexism, racism, bad language, is forbidden and will be treated very seriously; 


Is not permitted in the school grounds. 


Are strictly forbidden. 


These rules are for general guidance. They do not attempt to deal with all possibilities. The Principal and Senior Staff will deal with situations as they arise.

Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy