Summit Information

The Massey High School SUMMIT Programme for Gifted and Talented Education works to identify giftedness and talent across a range of areas, both academic and performance based.

We understand that gifts and talents shine through students in a variety of ways, and our SUMMIT Programme aims to nurture gifted and talented students across the main areas of Maths, Science, Language, Arts and Literature and Leadership. Extended academic programmes, partnerships with universities and community organisations, along with trips, conferences, workshops and master classes, local, national and international competitions, extra-curricular groups, teams and clubs are opportunities offered through Massey High School which work to meet the needs of our gifted and talented learners.

The SUMMIT aims to support students to reach the height of their potential. Our SUMMIT classes work together in a cluster system to provide an enhanced and well-rounded learning experience. 

Each SUMMIT class aims to:

  • Promote personal excellence.
  • Provide acceleration and/or enrichment in designated areas of giftedness and talent.
  • Provide an enriched programme within all core subject areas.
  • Provide students with opportunities for personal and academic growth.
  • Allow parents and students the opportunity to choose pathways according to the gifts and talents they would like to pursue.

SUMMIT Subject Notes:

  • An enriched and extended Science programme is taught as part of all SUMMIT Programme classes. Students are offered the opportunity to challenge their scientific knowledge and learning through a range of classroom activities, regular extension and assessment.
  • SUMMIT students are encouraged to make Language Learning a part of their five year journey at Massey High School. As global citizens, multilingualism at the national and international levels is a significant asset.
  • Leadership is a curriculum area unique to Massey High School and is offered at Years 9 and 10. The Massey High School Leadership courses work with students to develop social awareness, problem solving skills and qualities associated with effective leadership at a local, national and international level.
  • Technology is an important part of well-rounded knowledge and skill sets. SUMMIT students are encouraged not only to study technology subjects, but to make technology a regular part of their classroom learning, extension, and assessment.

SUMMIT Entry Criteria:

  • All students must submit a completed application indicating which of the speciality programmes they would like to pursue (Maths and Science; Arts and Literature or Leadership).
  • Interviews and letters of reference will be required to those who wish to be part of our Leadership programme.
  • A strong commitment to personal excellence.
  • Pre-entry assessment results in the top 5%, a school record of high achievement and effort, as well as achievement in areas of special character will be considered as part of entry into the Summit Programme.

What the Students say:

The Summit Programme is like the springs on a trampoline; the more effort I put in and the harder I work, the higher it helps me go.

Being in the Summit Programme is a great experience as it allows you to use your mind to its fullest power and to think more than usual. The teachers are fantastic and support you to help you achieve great things and also to learn from your mistakes.

The opportunities that I have received with being part of the Gifted and Talented programme have helped me gain more confidence in myself and what I’m capable of achieiving.

In my two terms of education in Massey High School’s Gifted and Talented program, I have learnt an indescribable amount of skills, in many different areas, spanning from skills in The Arts to skills in Math, Science and English, most of these things I never knew I was good at until reaching MHS.

The Summit Programme has prepared me for the future by allowing me to see things in myself I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

The Summit Programme allows you to be excelled in the subjects that you enjoy most and are best at. It allows more students to be part of specialised learning programmes.

The Summit Leadership Programme is fun, co-operative, educational learning environment.

I think the Summit Programme is a great experience for people who are willing to challenge their ability. It opens doors to many opportunities.

I enjoy being in this class because it gives us great opportunities to excel ourselves in the areas we are good at and supports us where we need extra support. It gives us time to express our creativity in the areas we specialise in.


The SUMMIT programme offers a range of approaches within the different subject areas, including (but not limited to):

  • Acceleration and Enrichment of core subject content from Years 9-13 with pathways to New Zealand Scholarship exams.
  • Advanced level courses with foci on core subjects as well as Leadership and Sporting Excellence.
  • Teaching of critical thinking skills, higher order thinking skills, creativity and problem solving.
  • Regular integration and use of technology into learning areas.
  • Development of effective learning strategies to encourage independent, life-long learning.
  • Activities and opportunities of high interest and enrichment.
  • Involvement in competitions.
  • Pursuit of extended or enriched independent study.
  • In and out of school activities which are challenging, allow for individual excellence, enrichment or extension.
  • A broad range of access to mentors and area specialists both within the school and greater community.

Some questions for parents to ask when choosing the best school for your child:

  • What is the school’s overall vision for teaching and learning? What are its priorities?
  • What does the school’s most recent ERO report say about provision for student learning within the school?
  • What opportunities are there for parent involvement in the school?
  • What is the school’s philosophy regarding, and approach to meeting the needs of gifted students?
  • Is there a teacher or committee overseeing the education of gifted students?
  • How are decisions made about which class each child is allocated to?
  • My child has X and Y abilities – how could these abilities be catered for?

Gifted and talented learners can stand out in many ways. They can:

  • be very interested in, or excel at, academic thinking and school-work.
  • be extremely creative.
  • have outstanding leadership and social awareness.
  • excel at physical performances or sports.
  • have an aptitude for cultural understanding and practices.
  • excel at visual or performing arts.
  • be recognised by iwi as having strong skills in manaakitanga, whanaungatanga, wairuatanga, kaitiakitanga, rangatiratanga, mātauranga, ngā mahi a rēhia, and tikanga.