Senior Prizegiving 2022

A celebration of student achievement and success took place on 2nd November 2022 and we can now share the full video and some photos with you.

1 Alex Wales And Rebekah Trew (Rotated)
3 Claudia Mcphail (Rotated)
2 Alex Wales (Rotated)

Alex Wales winner of the Denis Brown Trophy for Services to Drama. 2023 Mātauranga House Leader (Purple Tie) with Rebekah Trew second in Y12. 2023 Academic Leader (Gold Tie)

Claudia McPhail winner of the Colleen Cameron Cup for leadership, excellence and service to Music.

Alex Wales with the Denis Brown Trophy

4 Elijah Yin (Rotated)5 Elle Nieuwoudt (Rotated)6 Gad Kaumautotoya And Sims Waiboti (Rotated)
Elijah Yin winner of the Science Faculty Award and top student in Y12.Elle Nieuwoudt winner of the Piano Trader’s Award for Y12 Composer of the Year.

Gad Kaumaitotoya 2023 Tūrama House Leader (purple tie) with Sims Waiboti winner of the Trusts Award for Y12.

9 Jane (Rotated)8 Henry Ly (Rotated)10 Keisha And Riki (Rotated)

Jane Setchell winner of the Susan Porter Community award for her contribution to extra-curricular activities and support of the Tuvaluan cultural group.

Henry Ly winner of the Technology Faculty award and Proxime Accessit (second place student in Y13)

Keisha Tautari winner of the Whaia te iti Kahurangi (girl’s cloak) and 2023 Deputy Head prefect (gold tie) with Riki Taingahue winner of the Te aka ki Kahurangi (boy’s cloak) and 2023 Cultural Leader (gold tie).

12 Lydia (Rotated)13 Mikayla V (Rotated)14 Prathna (Rotated)
Lydia Martusheff winner of the award for Excellence in innovation and Communication: Graphics.
Mikayla Vickery winner of the Felicia Nemaia Endeavour award (Gateway).
Prathna Govind winner of the Principal’s Award for Overcoming Adversity and a University of Auckland Vaka Moana Scholarship.
15 Puruata (Rotated)
16 Rachiel And Valentine (cropped) (Rotated)
17shane And Deborah
Puruata Tuapou winner of the Cathy Gilmour Cup for contribution to Drama.
Rachiel Vea winner of the John Key Cup for Citizenship, Leadership in Pacific Island Culture (bowl) and the Kārearea Deans’ award with Valentine Tausi 2023 Hiranga House Leader (purple tie).
Shane Leatupue 2023 Head Prefect (gold tie) with Deborah Naidu 2023 Kārearea House Leader (purple tie).
18 Shazeel Aref Henry And Aryan7 Claudia Mcphail Greer Wilson Mikhayla Maclean11 Keisha Riki And Emily
From right to left: Shazeel Ali Dux (Top student in Y13) with Aref Osman winner of the Merriman Cup for Maths outside the classroom, Hiranga Deans’ award, Maths Faculty award and Board of Trustees All-Round Excellence. Also pictured Henry Ly (Proxime Accessit) and Aryan Prasad winner of the Charles Darwin Award for Biology.
Claudia McPhail (Colleen Cameron Cup) with Greer Wilson winner of the Cabaret Trophy for contribution to school musicals, the Hauora Award for contribution to senior Health, the Kevin Herewini Student Support Services award and a University of Otago Scholarship plus Mikhayla Maclean winner of the Colleen Cameron Cup for leadership, excellence and service to Dance.
Keisha Tautari, Riki Taingahue and Emily Blowers 2023 Sports Leader (gold tie).
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