Reporting Student Absence

If students are unable to attend school we require notification, by 9am, by a parent/caregiver via the Parent Portal -  or via the SchoolBridge App which can be downloaded here.

If you report that your child is absent for illness/medical reasons, an automated message will be sent to the email address held on file requesting further details.  We ask that you please completed this questionnaire to enable us to mark your child's attendance correctly.

Automated Absence Notifications

We restarted automated absence notifications to parents/caregivers as of  Monday 9th of May. 

Automated absence notifications are daily txt messages/emails that are sent to whanau whose son/daughter are marked absent by halfway through period 1 (9.30am). The rationale behind daily absence notifications is to let parents know if their son/daughter has made it to school on time for the day.  

This message may cause concern for some parents which is understandable however, please note this does not mean they have not arrived at all.

If your child arrives late and does not sign in via the correct avenues it is highly likely they will be marked absent and you will receive a text message/email.  The correct avenues for signing in late are:

    1. With the deans at the gate - this is generally up until 9am.

    2. At the Attendance Office.  If the attendance office is unattended then students must then go to Reception.

If you receive a absence notification txt message you can reply Y with a reason, N if unaware of absence, or disregard the message if you have already informed the school of your son/daughters absence.