Girls in Carpentry in Action

Our girls have been busy about the school, refining their skills under the guidance of our female building tutor Jo Manuel. 

The team has been learning how to use power tools safely and have now moved on to constructing fences, hanging gates and making their own saw horses. 

There are outstanding opportunities for women in the trades. This is an area where companies are very keen to take on females who are interested in this pathway. 

Businesses who employ women in trades say that their attention to detail is second to none. 

According to BCITO, (Building, Carpentry Industry Training Organisation), female school leavers who enter apprenticeships earn $145,000 more than their university counterparts by the age of 30. So if this interests you, select this exciting course. (See below for contact details).

This course is for all females who are interested in the Trades, particularly in building. It will be an all-female small group, learning renovation building skills and safe practices. It does not require any prior knowledge. It is open to students from Years 11, 12 or 13.

The course will be overlaid on the weekly timetable for one day. This means that for the one day a week, students will come out of their school day and spend all day on the building site under the guidance of our female building tutor. They will need to arrive at school for that one day a week in their safety uniform. (hi vis top, safety boots or shoes etc). 

Girls who were part of this academy in 2022, can be part of it again in 2023, but will need to discuss this with Mr Hackett to confirm that there are different standards to complete.

The current 2022 group is a small highly motivated group and we hope they will continue in 2023. We also look forward to others joining them in 2023. 

For details email Mr Hackett - [email protected].

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