Our School

Massey High School is a co-educational secondary school, founded in 1969, which serves the communities around the Massey area in west Auckland.  As a large school of over 1600 students, Massey has many advantages, including the ability to offer curriculum diversity and access to a wide range of extra-curricular groups and activities.

At Massey we emphasise creating a culture of learning that prepares students for their futures and enables them to become lifelong learners.  We demand the highest behavioural standards and expect students and staff to be accountable for their actions.  Relationships are caring and respectful with adults warmly challenging students to reflect on their progress and guide them to create great futures.  All stakeholders can access knowledge, skills and support and guidance.  Students are at the heart of all decisions that are made, and there are transparent avenues for success and high expectations.   

These expectations create optimal learning environments, where teaching skills are developed and honed.  There is individual and whole-staff professional learning to ensure staff remain effective, current and of the highest calibre.   

Teachers in high quality learning environments enable students to discover a knowledge-based curriculum where students then interact with new information, concepts, and ideas by analysing, investigating, evaluating, creating solutions and developing the skills needed for 21st century success.   

Massey High School has built a proud record of academic achievement with outstanding pass rates in external examinations. Many of our top students gain National Scholarships.  We are also a lead provider of trades academy education offering exciting opportunities for some of our students as well as students from a number of other local and distant schools. World-class vocational pathways and qualifications are enabled with high rates of success.  

The school can boast an extensive extra-curricular programme with numerous other opportunities including leadership training, extension classes, sports, music, the arts, performing arts, clubs and cultural activities. Our students have huge pride in attending and representing Massey High School.