A Message from John Garelja

Massey High School's Board of Trustees Chair.

As you have probably heard by now our Principal, Mr Denham, has resigned to take a new role as Headmaster of Wellington College. He finishes with Massey High School at the end of Term 1. While we are disappointed to lose Mr Denham after nearly 8 years we are extremely proud that he is taking a role which, being based in the Capital, will allow also him to influence education in NZ in a wider context.

We have been fortunate to have exceptional Principals lead our school and Glen has continued this tradition. The school, under his leadership, has taken another step up in academic progress where we are punching well above our weight. His initiatives have also greatly improved the community’s perception of our school and the reality of our students’ interactions with our community. A comment made by a student in the weeks after our new uniform was introduced, “I no longer feel invisible and people now look at me with respect” sums up the success of just one of what we believe are many initiatives put in place under Mr Denham’s leadership.

The Board of Trustees understands that appointing a new Principal can be an unsettling time for staff, pupils and parents. There will be consultation undertaken to assist the board in making the appointment of the new Principal. We intend the new Principal, when appointed, will build on our past successes while adding their own personality to the position. The BOT intends to move quickly to appoint the new Principal but the process may be slowed a little by our current Covid19 situation.  If the appointment is not made by the start of the second term your BOT has every confidence that the existing Senior Leadership Team can maintain the school’s direction until that appointment is made. 

John Garelja

Board of Trustees Chair


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