Auckland Schools’ Teacher Training

Massey High School is proud to be part of the Auckland Schools’ Teacher Training programme which sees talented trainee teachers work in top Auckland high schools while completing their qualifications.

Career changer? Recent graduate? This one’s for you. You’ll spend the year completing coursework remotely with the University of Waikato while you work on-site at one of New Zealand’s top high schools. Transition into your teaching career, and have a job offer in your new profession lined up at the start.

By training on-site there’s the chance to be mentored by experts in your subject-area specialisation as you train. This new immersion track takes one year, provides a stipend, and gives you industry experience in a top secondary school for the whole year of training.  The current vacant position commences Term 1, 2023.

For more information: 

Massey High School welcomes applications from prospective teachers in all subject areas, with STEM specialists particularly sought.

Apply to train with us through

Applicants should consider the following in a letter of application:

  • Reasons for entering the teaching profession, including any relevant work experience
  • Prior experience with young people and the community
  • Passions within, and beyond, the classroom
  • Subject specialist areas and any additional areas of curriculum expertise (applications from all subject areas are welcome and STEM specialists are particularly sought)
  • Aspects they may contribute to the life of the school during the intern programme

You are welcome to also send your CV to:

Elaine Curtis, Principal's PA - [email protected]

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