Changes to NCEA for 2022

COVID-19 is still having a significant impact on the teaching, learning and assessment this year.  Because of this, the Associate Minister of Education has announced changes to NCEA that recognise the impact of student and teachers absences.  Changes have been made to NCEA, NZ Scholarship and University Entrance. These changes help give students a fair opportunity to gain the qualification they are aiming for.

What does this mean for Massey High School students?

NCEA exam and portfolio dates:

  • NCEA exams are still the same as previously set, starting on Monday 7th November and continuing until Friday 2nd December.
  • The submission dates for some externally assessed portfolios have also been moved back by one week.  This applies to Technology (NCEA Levels 1-3 and NZ Scholarship), Design and Visual Communication (NCEA Levels 1-3 and NZ Scholarship), Education for Sustainability (NCEA Level 3), Dance (NZ Scholarship), Music (NZ Scholarship), Health and Physical Education (NZ Scholarship).  Our teachers at Massey High School will ensure that the students know when these portfolios are due.  At this stage, no other assessment dates have changed.

Learning Recognition Credits:

  • In recognition for the loss of learning time, the Ministry of Education is once again awarding students Learning Recognition Credits.
  • For every 5 credits a student achieves through internal or external assessment, they are entitled to 1 extra credit. These extra credits are called Learning Recognition Credits (LRCs).
  • Up to 10 of your LRC’s earned this year can be used towards the 80 you need for NCEA Level 1.
  • Up to 8 LRC’s earned this year can be used towards the 60 you need at Level 2 and Level 3.
  • Year 9 and 10 students can also gain LRCs, so it is important that students work hard to gain any NCEA assessments offered to them.


  • To get a certificate endorsement you will need 46 credits at Merit or Excellence level, instead of the usual 50. 
  • Your LRCs don’t come with Merit or Excellence, so they can’t count towards an endorsement.

University Entrance:

  • For 2022 the UE requirements have been adjusted from 14 credits in each of three UE Approved subjects, to 14 credits in each of two UE Approved Subjects, and 12 credits in a third UE Approved Subject.
  • Students who are in Year 12 who are completing a UE Approved subject will need to ensure they get 14 credits as the UE requirement changes will not necessarily apply in 2023.

Massey High School exams:

  • MHS exams are still due to take place for all Year 11, 12 and 13 students from Monday 12 September to Tuesday 20th September.  These exams are important as the allow the students the opportunity to experience an exam in their subject, and also enable us to generate evidence to use for NZQA derived applications should we need them.  
  • In some cases, the scheduled sessions will be catchup slots for assessments that are incomplete, so it is important that the students attend all scheduled sessions.  Personalised timetables will be sent out in the next few weeks.

What do students need to do?

  • Keep working to make sure that they achieve as many standards as they can. Subject teachers will help them to track their progress and they can also track their progress using the SchoolBridge App.
  • Students don’t need to do anything else to get their LRCs. NZQA will do the calculations in January before they get their results.
  • Make sure that they know when their portfolios are due.
  • This video will take students through how to calculate Learning Recognition credits to date using the SchoolBridge App.
  • If you need any more information, talk to your child’s Tutor or Ākina leader.

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