Early Childhood - Playing the Lunchbox Game

Jade Bench at her Early Childhood Placement.

While playing the lunchbox game with a group of children Jade confidently integrating the strategies that our speech language therapist taught her a few weeks ago. 

She displayed great patience with supporting the children to play the game, calmly and kindly reminding them of the rules, supporting them to take turns so that everyone got to participate. I noticed her repeating back words to children while also extending on the sentence, for example: Mia: “Banana” 

Jade: “Mia, you found a banana” 

Jade also took the opportunity to weave te reo Māori into the game, using a poster as a reference guide she looked for matching fruits and vegetables from the game on the poster, if she found a matching item she then repeated the Māori name of it to the children, for example “Corn / kānga” 

The children and the staff love having Jade here. She always arrives ready to get involved with the children in play. She takes feedback and suggestions with grace and is always open to learning new things. I look forward to having her back with us next term - Ngā mihi nui Whaea Kristy


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