Farewell from Mr Denham

Kia Ora e te whanau,

My mother said to me when I was 13 '' We are going to have to find you a job where you use your hands because if you are relying on your brains you'll be living with me forever! ''  

Thankfully I did the one thing that my Uncle Bunny told me to do ''Boy go to school every day be on time and stay until the very end" Best advice ever and I ended up being the second person in our whole family to go to University and get a degree.  

It sounds so simple. Go to school every day be on time and stay until the very end. I know that we can get our kids what they need if they follow my Uncle's advice.  

This is my last time writing in our newsletter. It sounded almost surreal when we had assemblies this week and Mr Fairley said '' this will be the last time that Mr Denham speaks to you' "I felt very sad but very proud of our Rangatahi. I unashamedly love our kids. I have had the best conversations, the best advice, the best support and the best moments when I have been walking this journey with them.  They have lifted me when I have been tired and encouraged me when I have been low.  They will always be my whanau. 

I appreciate every single one of our parents and extended Whanau that have stuck with us and supported us when we needed it and understood when we haven't got it quite right. Those parents and carers that have come in to have a chat with us to get all sides of a story. Thank you. 

I am by no means perfect and definitely a work in progress. I hope to be like that until the day I die. All of us are given a bag when we are born. Inside that bag is a life time of opportunity. Some people go to their graves without ever unpacking that bag. Never having unpacked their opportunities to try new things. I encourage all of you to open your bag and give every opportunity a go whatever it is and whatever life presents to you. I think the saddest two words are "I wish" I wish I had tried that or done that. No need to wish, we just try and do. 

It has been an honour to serve you and your children over the last 8 years.  It has been an honour to serve with our outstanding staff. 

I'm very sad to be leaving but very excited to take on a new challenge in a new community, who also thrive on aroha and whanaungatanga. 

I leave you with the words of my Kindergarten teacher Mrs Moses. She said ''We have to hold hands, listen, look both ways and cross the road together."

Nothing better than holding hands and going together. 


Mr Denham

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