Mid Term Elections

Upcoming Board of Trustee Elections - Change in Term

Dear Community

In September this year an election will be held to pick the people who, through the Board of Trustees, govern Massey High School. This is typically run on a three-year cycle however the current Board would like to make a change. We feel that by holding mid-term elections of the parent representatives there can be better continuity of expertise governing the school. 

The rule for mid term elections are:

  • The BOT must decide which positions are for the three-year term of office and which are for the 18 month term;
  • The majority of the parent representatives will be elected for the full three years. (Triennial parent representatives;
  • The minority of parent representatives will be elected for 18 months. (Mid-term parent representatives.)

 Full information on this is available at the NZSTA website under Staggered (mid-term) elections

The Board of Trustees would like to give notice to parents and students that this matter will be discussed and decided on at our next Board of Trustees meeting on Thursday 26th May 2022 held at 7pm at the school. Parents and students have a right to attend this meeting (and any other BOT meeting) and watch the process. 

It would be helpful if you could notify the Board’s secretary, Elaine Curtis, at [email protected] if you are going to attend so we can pick a suitable venue within the school.

John Garelja

Board Chair

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