Senior School Ball 2022

Senior Ball Permission Forms are now live via the Parent Portal.  These are accessible via PARENTS/CAREGIVER access only.  All details have been sent to the parent/caregiver email address we hold on file.

Please do NOT make payment via internet banking or at the Bursars office.  Ticket purchase process is shown below:

How to Request to Attend:

  1. Access permission slips.  This can be done by:
    1. Visiting the ‘Parent Portal’ - and then selecting Permission Slips
    2. Using the SchoolBridge App and then selecting Permission Slips.
  2. Complete the details request in the form, including those for outside partners (if applicable)
  3. Click on the Green ‘Complete’ button at the bottom of the page. Clicking on save will not submit your permission slip.
  4. Your application will then be reviewed by the deans and if approved parents/caregivers will be sent a link to purchase ticket(s) online - this is not an automatic process.  
  5. Ticket purchases MUST be made online with a debit or credit card not via direct credit or at the bursars office.
  6. On completion of online payment, a confirmation email which contains a PDF of your ticket(s) will be sent to the Parent/Caregiver email address entered in our system, from which you can print your ticket(s).  A paperbased copy of the ticket MUST be provided at the door, on the night.

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