Showquest allows the students creative mind run wild! 

Massey’s Showquest performance was based on the theme of social media and the effects it has on young people.

Spoken word,

Wake up! you have one new notification,  the glow of the rose tinted screen shines on the horizon of your burgeoning lucidity, as you thump or glide down linoleum halls. Keep your head down, and keep moving, remember that you would do anything to avoid the roiling sea of venomous stone eyed wolves at your throat. You will do whatever it takes to lose the scent.  And this wet bathroom floor has never felt safer, when the echoing howls are just behind that locked door, through the shadows they cast you greet the glowing screen like an old friend, singing sweet silence between your ears. you breathe out, sit for a second,  a second too long. The gavel of the school bell sentences you thus, you have 1 new notification, put your face on, it's time to wake up.


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