Signing In and Out Procedure

Important Notice: Procedures in place at Massey High School for students signing in and out of school.

We would like to take this opportunity to advise of Massey High School’s sign in/out procedures and collection of students by caregivers.

Start of the Day

A reminder that school starts each day with Hui Arotahi. Our expectation is that students are prepared and ready to enter their tutor class/BRPAC for the start of Hui Arotahi at 8.40am (the only exception to this is Wednesday, when classes commence for students at 9am). Realistically, students should be through the school gates by 8.35am to allow them to get to class on time.

Late to school 8.40am to 9am (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

For those students that arrive after 8.40am, we remind you that they are signed in as being late by Deans on the school gate – the reason for lateness is also logged at this time. Students are then sent directly to Hui Arotahi. Teachers can check that students were signed in by using KAMAR.

Late to school after 9am (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Students arriving after 9am will need to report to the Attendance Office – with a note explaining why they are late.

Late to School (Wednesday)

Students should be through the school gates by 8.55am to allow them to be ready to enter their period one class at 9am. Deans will be on the gates to sign in those students who arrive up to 10 minutes late – should there be no Deans on the gate by the time a student arrives, the student is to sign in at the attendance office.

Student Signing Out - Sickness

If a student becomes sick during the day they must go to the nurse and she will decide if a parent needs to be contacted to come and take the child home.  Some students decide for themselves that they need to go home sick and phone parents directly, asking to be collected.  This is unsatisfactory and makes it very difficult for the school to keep a track of students’ whereabouts during the day, which we must do for their health and safety, if they have left the premises without following the correct procedure.

Please note, due to Covid restrictions the nurses are currently operating by appointment only.  Appointments can be made here.

We ask parents to assist us in having their child follow the correct procedures regarding sickness at school.

Releasing a Student from School

If your child needs to leave school early for an appointment, they must have a note signed by a parent/guardian. The student then gets this countersigned by a Dean or a member of the Senior Leadership Team and takes it to the Attendance Administrator who issues an “Out-of-School” pass.

However, If you need to sign your child out for an emergency during the day please be aware that the office staff may not be able to get your child straight away. While they will do everything they can to help, it may take a little while. 

If you anticipate needing to get your child out urgently it would be helpful to give at least half an hour notice. You can phone the school office on 831-0500.  Please do not turn up at the office and expect to be able to get your child out of class immediately.

Please DO NOT send your child a text message and expect them to be let out of class and to leave the school grounds without following this process.

In order to ensure the Health and Safety of all students at Massey High School, this is a friendly reminder that if you wish to remove your student from school during the day, we can only allow this, if you are the person nominated on your child's profile. 

If you need to update this, please contact Mrs Head on 831 0500 ext 524 or email Sharon Head 

Please do not be offended if we are unable to sign your child out because of incorrect details showing on their profile.

If you have any questions around this, please contact Mr Fairley on 831 0500 ext 766 or email Alastair Fairley

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