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Curling - On Thursday, 1 September, the Massey High School Mixed Curling team had an incredible win in their final game at the North Island Secondary Schools Curling Cup, against Long Bay College. 

It has been a tough week for the team however, they learned from their previous games and changed the player line up to absolutely dominate the game. 

We are incredibly proud of the first Massey High Curling team, in TEN years, and the way they performed this week.  Well done to all that took part!

Massey High School - Mixed Team: Yujung Heo (Yr 13), Samuel Wagner (Yr 13), Sophie Norman (Yr 10), Leon Willy (Yr 9), Marcos Giron (Yr 10). Teacher in Charge: Ms. Eleanor Adviento.

Photo Credit - Auckland Curling


Junior Boys FootballJunior Boys Football scheduled for Saturday (21 May) 9am at the Massey Domain has been CANCELLED!

Harbour Rugby U14 and U15 Black games are cancelled for tomorrow, 15 May 2022.

BMX - Nate Armstead and Ben Lauchlan competed in the BMX NZ National Championships in Hamilton over the weekend representing Waitakere BMX. 

Nate placed NZ7 after some fabulous racing, seeing him compete against adults in the 17 – 29, 20 inch class. Ben came away with NZ11 in the 16 year Male, 20inch class after a crash in his 4th race. 

Photos 7 & 8 show Nate riding number 888 and Ben number 273.

Great effort Nate & Ben!

Curling Have A Go EveningOn Saturday night, Massey High School students enjoyed a cool evening on the ice at the Curling Have-A-Go event! There are a couple more Have-A-Go’s coming up, and it is free of charge if you sign up to the Curling Team.  If you’re interested to try out this sport, please message Ms. Eleanor Adviento on Microsoft Teams or register via the online registration form -

WINTER SPORTS LAST CHANCE - If you haven't signed up for winter sport , please do so by clicking here you will need your portal logon details to access.

Secondary Schools Sport 2022College Sport Auckland informed Principals of participating schools that from January 10, 2022, students and staff who want to be involved with Auckland secondary school sanctioned sporting competitions, need to be fully vaccinated. 

Senior Premier Sport Prize Giving: Massey High 2021 Sporting Achievement Certificates

This year we have been lucky to get through most or almost all of the sporting seasons compared with last year.  We have had a great response to sport this year from our Juniors and look forward to seeing them grow over the coming years. It will be sad to see our Year 13 students go and wish them all the best in life and sport.  Big thanks to our coaches and managers as always, we could not do this without you.

Unfortunately, second year in a row we have not been able to award our students their certificates in assemblies or run our Senior sports awards due to covid. This year our senior team awards are via video here is the link 

Congratulations to all the following students who have been awarded certificates in sport this year.


  • Lucy Ward – Most Valuable Player
  • Shadika Sathiyamoorthi – Player of the Year
  • Finlay Ward – Most Improved Player
  • Jack Pringle - Sportsmanship


  • Maddison Williams – Most Valuable Player
  • Elisapeta Falani – Most Improved Player
  • Lucia So’oa’emalelagi – Sportsmanship

 NETBALL 9 Black:

  • Maddison Kell – Most Valuable Player
  • Ava Masila – Most Improved Player
  • Tayla Ruff – Most Improved Player
  • Nellie Saamu – Sportsmanship


  • Cyntalia Schuster – Most Valuable Player
  • Cooper Dickson – Most Improved Player
  • Amelia Watt – Sportsmanship

NETBALL 10 Black:

  • Mahina Oromoana – Most Valuable Player
  • Tisiola Fonokalafi – Most Improved Player
  • Maria Fatai – Sportsmanship

NETBALL Premier 1:

  • Evian Wharewaka – Most Valuable Player
  • Alysha Sakaria – Most Valuable Player
  • Tatiana Katoa-Hansen – Most Improved Player
  • Tahlya Waikiki – Sportsmanship
  • Pippa Jackson – Sportsmanship

NETBALL Premier 2:

  • Ann Marie Fatai – Most Valuable Player
  • Breanna Lethbridge – Most Improved Player
  • Shavaughn Baker – Sportsmanship


  • Sai Hmo Lai – Most Valuable Player
  • Zhane Ananad – Most Improved Player
  • Yofan Mohan – Sportsmanship


  • Jackson Death – Most Valuable Player
  • Jesse De Hertog – Most Improved Player
  • Mapi Phuting – Sportsmanship


  • Aiyana Hoare – Most Valuable Player
  • Kayleigh Kabondo – Most Improved Player
  • Olive Benecki – Sportsmanship


  • Luca Zambuta – Most Valuable Player
  • Kelvin Gao – Most Improved Player
  • Benedict Maloney – Sportsmanship

HOCKEY 1st XI Girls

  • Phoebe Ward – Most Valuable Player
  • Lydia Wright – Most Improved Player
  • Andrea Serrano – Sportsmanship

BASKETBALL Junior Boys Gold Team:

  • Charles Leusogi-Ape – Most Valuable Player
  • Mark Paras Jr – Most Improved Player
  • Caleb Kingi – Sportsmanship

BASKETBALL Junior Boys Yellow Team

  • Tamati Allen – Most Valuable Player
  • Ben McIntyre – Most Improved Player
  • Marcos Giron – Sportsmanship

BASKETBALL Junior Girls Team

  • Kadynce Schuster-Galu – Most Valuable Player
  • Mariska Gataua – Most Improved Player
  • Ngaire Tararo – Sportsmanship


  • Rewi Matthews-Taiapa – Most Valuable Player
  • Jayden Breach – Most Improved Player
  • Michael Labaclado – Sportsmanship


  • Oscar Dickson – Most Valuable Player
  • Joseph Fuimaono – Most Improved Player
  • Silas Viliamu – Most Improved Player
  • James Anderson – Sportsmanship

BASKETBALL Premier Girls

  • Maya Taingahue – Most Valuable Player
  • Cyntalia Schuster – Most Improved Player
  • Allyah Leusogi-Ape – Sportsmanship
  • Tanika Tongamohenoa - Sportsmanship

RUGBY U14 Gold Team

  • Jordan McDonald – Most Valuable Player
  • Lazahrus Tapeli – Most Improved Player
  • Cameron Colcord – Sportsmanship
  • Munroe Fusitua – Best Back
  • Kyro Tavita – Best Forward

RUGBY U14 Youth Black

  • Jett Stephens – Most Valuable Player
  • Henry Brenchley – Most Improved Player
  • Alesana Lilomaiava - Sportsmanship


  • Norman Pesefea – Most Valuable Player
  • Sonny Anetone – Most Improved Player
  • Joseph Sio – Sportsmanship



  • Alysha Sakaria – Most Valuable Player
  • Javenis Daniels – Most Improved Player
  • Tyarn Bromhead-Lemalu – Sportsmanship


  • Siolo Alatina – Most Valuable Player
  • Felekoni Lu’au – Most Improved Player
  • Riki Taingahue - Sportsmanship


  • Kini Talopau – Most Valuable Player
  • Joseph D’Artagnan – Most Improved Player
  • Brandon Alatina – Sportsmanship


  • Norman Pesefea

TOUCH Mixed Team Nationals 2020

  • L’Amour Katoa-Hansen – Most Valuable Player
  • Nofoasa Lemalu – Most Improved Player
  • Logan Wild - Sportsmanship


  • Alysha Sakaria – Most Valuable Player
  • Jaedah Taumatauka – Most Improved Player
  • Ruth Naititi – Sportsmanship


  • Austen Head – Most Valuable Player
  • Ben Samountry – Most Improved Player
  • Shane Leatupue – Sportsmanship


  • Spretel Gafatasimalo Foaga – Player of the Year
  • Alysha Sakaria – Most Valuable Player
  • Jasmine Tuitama – Most Improved Player
  • Rolisa Suitupu – Sportsmanship

Frank Lio Willie Cup

  • Spretel Gafatasimalo Foaga

Sports Person of the Year Awards

  • Year 9 – Jordan McDonald
  • Year 10 – Jaeden Brown
  • Year 11 – Alysha Sakaria
  • Year 12 – Logan Wild
  • Year 13 – Maya Taingahue

Overall Sports Person of the Year 

  • Maya Taingahue

Parent Contribution Cup

  • Michele Giron – Manager of the Junior Basketball Boys Yellow Team

Manager of the Year

  • Gina Stephens – Manager of the Rugby U14 Youth Black Team

Student Coach of the Year

  • Jay Rielly-Wolfgang – Badminton Team

Community Coach of the Year

  • Tim Clapson - Football 1st XI
  • Sam Armitt – Football 1st XI

Staff Coach of the Year

  • Duwayne Toko – Rugby 1st XV
  • George Pisi – Rugby 1st XV

Team of the Year

  • Massey High Rugby 1st XV


Congratulations to all the winners!

Merry Christmas and stay safe from the Massey High School Sports Department.





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