Te Waonui-a-Tiriwa (the great forest of Tiriwa)

The Bio201 field trip to Te Waonui-a-Tiriwa (the great forest of Tiriwa) investigating how the forest changes and recovers after a disturbance (from things like fire).  Big thank you to the staff at Arataki Education Centre for leading these sessions and allowing us to use the specially reserved (Rahui exempted) educational space behind the Arataki Visitors Centre.

"The trip to Arataki was an amazing experience and a fun way to get in close with the rangers and learn more about the forest and how it's grown over the years. This trip was a great opportunity to learn more about succession and how it's had an impact on the forest with all the diversity and abundance. I really enjoyed learning about all the different plant species around the forest and working with the guides to figure out what type of plants they might be. Working with my team to collect data of the abundance and diversity throughout the forest was a fun task and we had lots of laughs and stumbles throughout the day. Overall, it was a fantastic walk through the forest and the guides were all very welcoming and helpful and my team was great, I would love to do it again." - Kyra Daniels, 12TFR

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