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“A wonderful, nurturing environment, such a calm welcoming place.” SEVEN STARS PARENT

It’s been a minute since we opened next door – and we are so grateful to the Massey High School community for welcoming us with open arms as well as our parents and whanau who say the nicest things!  The support has been invaluable.

The road hasn’t been all kittens and candyfloss though … we have endured, alongside all of you, the ups and downs that COVID-19 has thrust upon us.  We know there are still many in our community who are struggling with the strain the pandemic has put everyone under and our hearts and aroha go out to you.

In amongst those ups and downs we have grown our reputation in the early learning community, we have made valuable partnerships overseas (most notably with the highly respected Froebel Trust in the UK) and we have welcomed a small group of children who are thriving and enjoying a world-class early-learning experience founded on the power of play.

We are now looking ahead, and, as part of our forward planning, we have opened up 10 new enrolment places.  We remain committed to offering one of the lowest child to teacher ratios in the area, with extra attention and quality of experience for children one of our key aims.

We have found we are now being sought out by families outside the immediate area so wanted to ensure that our Massey High School whanau were aware that we have entered an enrolment phase as we don’t want any of you to miss out.

So please do call or text us to arrange a visit or a korero – we have COVID-safe protocols in place inside our building, but we are happy to visit with you outside if you would prefer.

We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Call: 09 832 8327

Text: 027 837 7827




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